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  1. Quality article. Written in easy to understand terms, with arguements that make sense.
  2. To be honest, I don't think that there are that many people on here that have attitude. I think most people like me, just want a house that is truly affordable (2-3.5x income). People want a return to those levels. No one is going to get any joy out seeing families loosing their houses, or people becoming bankrupt. I could be wrong.
  3. Take this poll and look at the result. Then imagine what the results would have been like last year:- Yahoo Finance Poll
  4. Went tulip - love that expression!!!!
  5. I explained what I meant by sheeple. I was making reference to the people that don't think for themselves, and that are easily lead by what they see on tv. Are YOU saying that most of the population fall into catergory, coz I didn't. If that's how YOU view most of the population - I guess that's your thing. Sigh!!!! It's probably best if we leave this here and stop - no good will come of it!
  6. Totally disagree!! Many people on this forum make the effort to research the housing market, stock market and so on, before making a decision. There are far too many people that let's their TV do the thinking for them. They ARE sheep. There's no orginal thinking, there's no challenging the norm. Just acceptance (House prices only go up.... I'm sure even you know the mantras). So, take all the sly digs at me that you want (you used 4 names - not so sly I guess, but if insulting people is your thing.......). At the end of the day, I try to look deeper. And web site has helped me to do that. But anyway - I though we we're posting on a forum that talks about houses. And bearing in mind that the sub-prime mortgage market is making investors nervous, which could potentially have some serious impact on the stock market. It's all linked.
  7. Looks like the cats got some lives left. Guess more sheeple will think that was the soft landing and start buying properties again.
  8. The smart money is on a hold, but as echoed above, the sales figures released to today could provide the fools with the kick required to add another 0.25%. It was a done deal until this morning.
  9. One of the better descriptions of the 3 societies. Especially in the UK. We argue over crap, and ignore the real issues.
  10. Dude I hear you - this is "equal" treatment like tennis players now get "equal" pay (women play 3 sets for the same money that men play 5 sets = feminists are crap at maths) Dude your scenario is not as extreme as you think. You also have to remember that if you "make the mistake of" improve her standard of living, you have to maintain that. Plus theres the potential that she could get her hands on your pension. Marry in haste, pay for life.
  11. I have been following the whole HPC scenario for sometime. For the most part I have been very bearish. And even though the signs are really starting to kick in, I still think that the government is going to step in and manipulate fiscal polices to to keep HPC going. Gordon Brown has to. If HPC does happen, then he and a significant number of UK residents will feel the impact. The average UK resident has an "artifical" feeling of wealth based on their largest asset's increase in value. This feeling has lead to the insanity we read about on a daily basis. The UK will hate GB big time. Plus when (yes when - not if) the UK and the US loose their economic standing (which I think they are - especially the UK), then will we be happier when China becomes the number 1 economic power? I really think that certain elements in the West are in for a very rough time - and it will be mostly the average residents that will feel the most pain. How well will UK and US citizens adapt and handle a continually falling standard of living, having to work harder (for longer) for what I believe will soon be decreasing wages? How will we handle the fact that economic might is slowly (but at an increased rate) moving to the East? When I thnk about it, I actually get a headache - is just me that thinks we really are up sheet creak, or am I mis-reading things? This is the reason why I have this thing in the back of my mind saying the government will do something to sort out this mess. I mean, who in their right mind would do their level best to shaft over 60 million people? That's alot of enemies to have.
  12. This is insane. Something has got to give. As a first time buyer, it's now completely foolish to think of getting a mortgage. With prices this high, and IR now on the up and up. How long will I have to wait until we hit a sweet spot (be it dropping ir's or dropping house prices)? Sigh - gonna get myself a nice car instead. It's not a investment, but will sure as hell put a smile on my face.
  13. If you want reliability and build quality - the Japanese (especially Honda) is the way forward. Great cars for a great price.
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