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  1. Great bear food here, im filling my belly till its just about to explode with a carnage laughter... here we go.. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa, oh, haaaaaaa, ha m, ha Ha,ha ,Haa owww, ow Haaaa These people are priceless, i sure hope this kinda story becomes main stream soon. Yes, im being bloody awefull, its terrible isnt it, not having any compassion whatsover, This is Payback time..
  2. It does have it uses.. It would be very desirable if you were going to run a massage/escort/brothel house, where the clients would like the exterior not to be too flashy. Having smaller windows would be a good advantage for the business owner to stop any of the workers escaping.
  3. Hi, Alot of people in the South East UK are still under the impression that the downturn will not affect them as they are immune to all !! Down from £250K to £180K. 2 Bed House - lewes I admit its still 60K too much, but even so, these kinda lower priced properties are setting a bench mark for flats marked at even higher values.
  4. I completely agree. http://propertysnake.co.uk/site/postcode/bn1 I know of a landlord in Brighton who is established & offloading asap a few "holes" before the slump really hits.
  5. Very interesting post E71. I too came to Brighton around 1992 as a student. I remember stumbling into kensington gardens on my first day and couldn't quite believe what i was seeing. Unfortunately the technical college i was studying at (the beautifull building on lewes road, across from the level) got sold to property developers a few years ago. Compared to the rest of the country I still believe Brighton is the most vibrant place to be for a young person. The memories will allways be there and in all honesty i think anyone who experienced Brighton in the early days has something to cherish. Of course its a shame what Brighton has become, but it was allways destined to be the way it is now. I think the alternative hippie crowd should have found somewhere new earlier and shipped out before it got to its sorry state. I lived in Goa for a few years & found many a old Brighton Hippie still living the bohemian existence. They were the lucky ones.
  6. Lot 21: Withdrawn £60,000 http://www.eigroup.co.uk/onlineauctions/lo...68&l=509512 Zoopla range it as £92,839 - £101,798 http://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/38-seddon...19-2lj/12327187 Initially sold for £56,950 at start of 2003. I tske it Withdrawn means i was sold prior to auction ?
  7. Thanks mark. May I ask what companies did you invest in and what were the losses you encountered. ?
  8. Hi, I have been walking past this overpriced "dolls" house for the last 2 years. It has been STC on a few occasions but has allways fallen through. The owners must now be losing their nerve. http://www.propertysnake.co.uk/site/detail/684192 I'll keep you posted.
  9. Hi, Following this thread has definetly has given me a apetite. I have been thinking for the last few months about alternative investment carriers and wondering where the new herds will be heading next. I need to catch a lift & get off at the last water hole. I've learnt my lessons hard about the housing market and its probably made me a better person to have been left behind & listen to the bull party on a day to day basis. I too used to a smug selfish git, but not so much anymore. I've been thinking about the AIM market for a while. Its high risk, but a diverse spread may be the answer. As a slot machine addict for many years in my late teens I understand the word "addiction" and spread betting may blow off a few cobwebs that really need not to be disturbed. Any one else invested in AIM ? Your feedback would be greatly received. David.
  10. Hi, I have just come across this site: http://www.firsthomedirect.co.uk/first_time_buyers.asp Apart from the usual garb you would expect from these cretins, I was fascinated to see the chart of Average House Prices which apparantly have never gone down: :angry: The Source: UK Government figures. Can anyone shed any light on this.?
  11. Under no circumstances, what-so-ever, should you live in near or around Barnsley, .. that is, unless you are hard, have plenty of ASBO's and love a good punch up now and again. If you have ever watched Shameless on TV, then your getting Close. I grew up in a small market town called Penistone, about 10 miles out of Barnsley. I frequented Barnsley on many a friday and saturday night & saw more fights and blood baths than Rocky. Some of the women can be worse than the blokes. I saw a friend of mine turn a corner into a group of about 10 women ( who worked at SR Gents), all squatting, having a piss outside a pub, he made a little joke of it, then they attacked him. He ended up in Barnsley General for the rest of the night.. he was too scared to take any police action, even though the surveillance cameras caught them all in the act. Please think seriously, Barnsley prices will drop like flies.
  12. Seems a little overpriced to say you can get this http://www.primelocation.com/uk-property-f...s/id/LWES00777/ Lewes is more expensive than London at the moment (ok, some will disagree), its all going to end in tears
  13. It is small, but a beautifull garden and the decor is quite fitting to social circles of cliffe high... Jesus I should be a EA. Any lurkers got any slot opens.
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