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  1. I find Bairds to be very efficient, professionally polite but not exactly "customer facing" (the middle-aged bloke behind the counter in their Hatton garden shop makes me smile with his less than chirpy demeanour) just tell them you blew it on booze, gambling and high class hookers and the rest you simply wasted.
  2. Hi jpidding, thanks very much for the info. all my transactions so far have been physical collections from their premises. To be honest, I would be nervous of having any electronic or official record of the transaction I make on the assumption that one day the numpties in government could come knocking on the door of Bairds vault to seize gold on behalf of the state when their fiat currency hyper-inflates. Perhaps i am being paranoid but i have no trust in the government and the more I see of their tricks the less trust I have. I suppose I could get that amount at the low margin and then physically collect the stuff....if the bank of england come knocking on my door I could claim I have given away to all the poor and destitute or suggest it was loaned to policitcal party in the hope of a peerage ;-)
  3. Hi Tom, I bought a few kruggers (£332/each) and a brittania (£350/each) last week I am also going to buy more today (assuming I can skive from the office at some time today !!) I am also a little nervous I may see the gold "value" (which is relative to paper monopoly money) decline in the short to medium term. However, in the longer term I see gold as the only sure way to protect some of my net worth from the ravages of inflation and/or corrupt economic policies that this government are responsible for. Nothing that NuLiebour do suprises me anymore, what is to stop them raiding all personal bank accounts with a "fairness tax" should the economy fall into a really deep recession ? I will continue to buy >£1000 worth of physical gold on a weekly basis for the next few months - I think they refer to this as "pound cost averaging" or something i.e. I may buy high one week but the next week I could get a bargain. To be honest, I dont care as I am buying gold for the reasons already stated above. I wont touch gold funds etc, for me its important to physically have the stuff in my hands where its outside the reach of the financial systems and government whims. Just my 2pence worth Hi, if you dont mind me asking...what sort of volume do you need to buy to get 3.3% over spot on Sovs ? I think individual sovs tend to sell at ~10% over spotfrom Bairds thanks
  4. and it is this very same natural economic boom/bust cycle that ignoramus Gordon Brown promised to end which as all educated people know is nonsense. The economic role of governments is to steer our economy through the safest possible route in these boom and busts which have, and probably always will naturally occur. In practice this means carefully building strong reserves in the good times to reduce the depth of the sh1t during the bad times. Rather worringly, this time around the UK are leaving a period of relative "boom" but still the coffers are empty and macro economic picture in pretty poor shape. It will take another Tory government to turn this ship around (and sadly will have to involve some rather unpleasant financial and economic "medicine") but before that happens this country will have to live with the government it deserves for a few years.
  5. Ours went on market a couple of weeks ago. One agent wanted 1.75% - claimed this was already a discount from their usual fees - I told him where the exit was On the market with agency at 1% commission (and if they dont get it sold soon I will take it off the market, pay them their £100 "fee" and put it on with another agent who has offered to do it for 0.75%)
  6. Names HAVE been named (was on Newnight last night) The allegations come from the US Treasury department. A number of individuals along with a couple of businesses (and a charity) have been named, these include Sara Properties Limited and Ozlam Properties Limited both with addresses listed in Liverpool. Full details at :- http://www.ustreas.gov/press/releases/js4016.htm
  7. On balance I actually think that many (if not most) of the endowment policies were mis-sold in the true defintion of piss-poor financial advise alongside commision hungry salesmen. Here is my story....... I bought my first house 13 years ago and we were very strongly recommended to purchase 2 endowment policies with an IO mortgage. I remember the meeting with the Abbey National "financial adviser" like it was yesterday Many graphs were drawn showing how the endowment policy would at worst cover the mortgage capital in 25 years with a +10% minimum "overshoot" and in all likelihood would almost certainly provide a nice juicy bonus at the end of the term. There was NO WAY on Gods earth would there be a risk that the endowments would not cover the capital. The so called "financial profiling" he performed showed that I was in a financial sense VERY risk averse as actually I still am (indeed only last week I made my FIRST EVER shares purchase and all my other assets are in cash/property) But even with such a risk averse person as myself the endowment route was still his recommendation. When I split with my girlfriend a few months after we purchased the house we agreed I would purchase her share from her.........I went to see the same adviser who kindly sold me ANOTHER endowment. Shock Horror - along with all other endowment holder I get the regular warning letters that my "investments" will not cover the original plan "targets" - in fact I would have been much better sticking the cash into a deposit account for all these years. I havent bothered to attempt to claim for "mis-selling" even though I think my case is pretty clear cut - I just dont have the time or energy to argue the toss with the endowment company for a couple of grand to be honest (and I am very lucky to have been mortgage free for several years which would reduce any payouts anyway) You could argue I should have done more research on the pro/cons of endowment 'v' repayments mortgages but as as naive 23 year old I was relying on professional financial advice based on my risk profile.
  8. An excellent article smurf Information I have seen in the past referred to UK reserves of between 200 and 300 YEARS (based on usage at the time) and not 300 million tonnes which as you say is a tiny amount.
  9. Did you not detect a touch of sarcasm in my post ? Goodness me, I know some of you guys are stressed about the state of the UK property bubble but does that mean you cant retain a sense of humour ? Yer, out property is on the market, and no I dont think Yorkshire is booming its at best stable (unlike many other parts of country which are on a downward slope)
  10. I admit to buying a few UKC shares this morning (and infact it is my FIRST EVER share purchase !!) I think coal has a very strong long term future and actually said so on another forum back in November.. (http://forums.contractoruk.com/threadnav4813-2-10.html) I understand that even with current extraction technology there are ~200 years of known coal reserves in the UK Extraction technology where more difficult seams can be exploited is being developed. The technology for 'cleaner burn' coal is now very advanced I believe that one day (even in my own lifetime) the time will come when the UK will have to once again exploit its natural energy assest of "King Coal"
  11. Tempest - you are a star for finding this evidence and like yourself I will strengthen my argument with the wife to move into rented first once we sell It looks like a lovely house and when it drops another 20% (which it will) we could well be bidding against each other to see who can buy it for the least amount possible
  12. Have a look at another wonderful policy document at http://www.winchester.gov.uk/Documents/Hou..._worker2005.pdf Page 12 goes into some detail about who qualifies as a "Key Worker" and here is one of them "Designated Serco Employees" Now, correct me if I am wrong, but arent SERCO (code = SRP.L.) quite a large privately owned organisation that outsources jobs from local authorities and other and according to their website.. "..Serco has a £100m business, employing 3000 people and spanning a range of services ...." I feel really proud that I know my taxes are going to fund cheap housing for private sector employees because their employers will not pay a decent enough salary...whilst the shareholders can enjoy a nice return thank you very much. The country has gone mad.
  13. Ok -here is my nomination for an essential job in the UK today.. Those people who kindly tell me to "Mind the gap" whilst I am about to board a tube train I mean, without them I would be certain to lose all sense of mind/body co-ordination and launch myself into the narrow gap between the train and the platform. How I wish their voice circuitry could be upgraded to "Waste of taxpayers money version 2.02" and also announce "Please remember to breathe in and out as well as minding the gap".....there is always the risk I may forget
  14. And as we all know - communism doesnt work
  15. In April 2002, the Council adopted the following definition of a key worker: “...employees in essential, universally accessible public and private services, without whom those services would operate at below optimal levels, and workers in those sectors whose income is insufficient to allow them to access reasonable accommodation in the private market, or who do not receive priority assistance through the relevant housing legislation...” From : http://www.basingstoke.gov.uk/services/hou.../keyworkers.htm So there you have it - you can work in private services and still be classed as a key worker. The bloke that sells me his delicious kebabs on the odd occasion I get totally rat-arsed with my mates does a very valuable and essential public service. Without him, the experience of the evening would be sub-optimal. He offers his services universally. I reckon he earns a relatively low income so next time I see him I will recommend he applies for a cheap house. As is typical of this scumverment - the whole scheme is a farce and a disgrace Oh yes - I forgot to add....I just wonder how many addtional civil service jobs have been created in the UK to administer this farcical scheme...and surely these people too would also qualify under the very same scheme. (the do a valuable job and earn a low wage yada yada yada).....as the scheme grows you would need even more civil servants to administrate...and so on and so on......a veritable "perpetual motion machine" Maybe this is Browns plan after all....we ALL become civil servants and we are ALL employed by the government so will all need government subsidised houses....a cycle of dependancy that Brown et. al would love
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