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  1. 20% in Gloucestershire. Regional flats not selling. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/116942357#/?channel=RES_BUY
  2. By doom and gloom I meant replies to posts like "Its never going to crash. They wont let it". Gets boring. The best threads I've read on here are wacky theories on why a crash is likely/unlikely or what will happen during a crash. You make a good point about value. I've had Rightmove searches going for a few months and 99.5% of the results are stupidly expensive but a few things pop up that seem OK. I plan on buying a 2 bedroom house and upsizing when the crash happens.
  3. New poster here. Used to lurk a bit in 2019. Couldn't afford a house until recently but the insane price rises made me come back to see if there were any theories about a crash. I think most of the positive people have stopped posting because it's a lot of doom and gloom now.
  4. You seem to like replying to my posts. I try to ignore yours although it's difficult as there are 35,900 of them.
  5. Looks like there aren't many actual big or multiple drops at all then. I shall heed your advice by no longer reading it.
  6. Before posting these could you check whether they are auction or not? Many of them were for sale conventionally and then get listed as an auction with a guide price (typically lower than the selling price) so not actually reduced.
  7. Well thats depressing. I was born just outside the Cotswolds and want to buy near. A 2007 crash (supposedly a once in a generation crash) would barely even wipe out last years gains. Even with the crash you suggest, it would probably only take us back 2017 in term of value. Unfortunately I think 2007 didn't affect the UK very much because there simply aren't enough houses rather than QE. This is even more apparent in the Cotswolds which is full of NIMBYS who will protest against anything being built. I think some kind of stagnation has to happen soon and it's fairly likely that we will give up the most recent 10% gains. In some areas, it would only take a lull in interest for a few houses (as so few are for sale) to do this. The recent boom is built on low sales volume and pent up panic buying due to the pandemic. It's like the would-be 2020 and 2021 buyers all looking to buy at once.
  8. People have put off house moves for 2 years so its understandable that volume has picked up. I doubt London will "outperform" like you mention. It has done that for the past 15 years. If anything outperforms (a bit of a crass term for peoples homes) then it's likely to be cheap towns in the north.
  9. Already a thread on this. I don't think it's crazy at all. Reasonable value for a single career focused person in London. Better than most of the £500k 1 bedroom flats with dodgy cladding.
  10. Thats true. Theres a bit of denial thrown in. Property and being "young" are defining characteristics of the Boomers. I don't remember my grandparents ever being fussed by all that. I suppose its rational but I do think large houses with few people living there should be taxed a bit more. It's very inefficient and rather like driving solo in an SUV.
  11. Farms are a downright tax dodge. It's why the celebrities are all becoming "farmers". Not a money spinner but if you want to protect a few million quid and make sure the taxman gets nothing, its not a bad option.
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