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  1. A lot of the police forces have put the minimum age up to 21 for new recruits. Can't think of any other options that are not office jobs, where sitting still for >30 mins is required!
  2. http://www.pwc.com/uk/en/careers/student/head-start.jhtml Big accountancy firms still recruit from bright A level students. Armed forces?
  3. http://www.studyinsweden.se/ is a helpful site.
  4. True. Worth looking into for any parents with teenage children considering University. Fees also very cheap in Czech Republic - Charles University, Prague would be a nice place to be for a few years. Cheap living costs, too.
  5. As a teacher, I agree entirely. I graduated in 1994 (when the going was good, no fees and loans of about £500) and never thought I'd see the younger generations screwed over as successfully as the children I am teaching today. Advice from me to them will be as follows: study something that leads pretty much directly to a (still recruiting in large numbers) profession e.g. medicine, dentistry, engineering. Study something very specific in a science/engineering/technology subject. Look for the funded courses (e.g. NHS Allied to medicine funding, if it survives). Alternatively, check out all the countries in the EU/EEA which deliver degree teaching in English and charge no fees, or are much cheaper than the UK. Free market and all that. I'd rather be in a nice town in Sweden for 3 years than Sunderland or Luton. Anyone who thinks these poor kids are going to be leaving University saddled with twice as much debt, and then are going to be able to borrow £300,000 to buy some overpriced house to fund someone else's retirement , have seen that little dream die today.
  6. My Labour voting, Grauniad reading colleague was bemoaning the boy George's policy at lunchtime. She admitted that she used the child benefit money to fund the annual ski holiday in France. Cue much ironic laughter from rest of office.
  7. I had to stop reading the thread as my blood pressure was up. One classic went along the lines of 'I was ill, so my OH jacked his job to keep me company at home as I was laid up, despite the extensive support and aftercare offered by the NHS to people with this type of illness and then.....(sense incandescent rage) the social wouldn't pay our mortgage! I ask you!'
  8. Be fair. Music lessons for 5 kids can't be cheap. A man might have to forego 3 foreign holidays a year.
  9. Jaysus, it'll be in meltdown. Some of them will have to cancel the next Waitrose delivery.
  10. Hilarious. Hope all the CiFers that earn below the threshold i.e. most people, weigh in and slaughter the whiner. Why should Tesco shelf stackers subsidise his overproductive loins? Its like that 'middle class complaints' hashtag on twitter. maxsceptic1 4 October 2010 8:38PM Next article: Why I should fund Mr Harker's gym subscription. Dakka 4 October 2010 11:14PM I resent working my backside off (for considerably less than a Guardian journalist's wage) only to see my taxes go out to the likes of you, sat there with your hand out for free money to supplement your kids' music lessons. Unbelievable ________
  11. Quite so. I graduated in 1994. Amongst my group of friends, we had all got an offer of a PGCE place from our University (preference given to its own graduates in those days). Only 1 of my friends accepted this place and trained as a Primary teacher. The rest of us went onto careers in IT, banking, academia, marketing, retail management, law etc. One of my friends started his own (now very successful) business. Bear in mind that there were far fewer graduates in those days, so we all secured well paid jobs within a year or so. Teaching was viewed as tough and the holidays weren't enough recompense for the relatively low salary. We were young, so the final salary pension didn't really register as a benefit. I went back and did my PGCE in 2003/04, aged 30. By then, there was significant financial support for postgraduate trainees - and there still is, hence training numbers were rising. Having said that, the drop out/kick out rate for PGCEs is high. The starting salary in my NQT year was just under £20K, IIRC. I had built up enough savings to see me though the first few years. I am now earning almost what I was at my peak earnings in industry. Its always the same, in the lean years recruitment rises as teaching is viewed as secure. When the economy is booming, it is perceived that there are easier and better paid ways to make money. However, the peak in recruitment during the recessions means that enough staff remain to soldier on, if you can get some overseas trained/newly qualified staff into the toughest schools.
  12. Massive oversupply (training places vs actual vacancies) in Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland. Similar for Primary in England. Secondary is a mixed picture. Still relatively easy to get a job in certain subjects (e.g English, Maths, Science) as long as you are prepared to work in cities and/or challenging schools. I finished my PGCE in '04 and you literally walked into a job - I got approached by my first school via University, didn't even need to apply. Those days are gone but we are still not seeing more than 6-10 applicants (of any quality, let alone employable) per post in my school. By the time you get to interview, half of them will have secured posts elsewhere. Attrition rates remain high, so cannon fodder always needed, particularly in London. Lots of vacancies higher up the Secondary food chain i.e. Assistant/Deputy Head (again, mainly in cities). The age profile of the profession sees lots of 50+, high numbers under 30, but big gaps in the 30-45 age range, who would be expected to become the next generation of Heads. So plenty of problems stored up for the future, even if we are getting bums on seats on the PGCEs at present.
  13. I saw Germaine Greer espouse this very theory at a discussion I attended about 5 -6 years ago. All the Guardianistas in attendance gasped but I thought then that she was onto something.
  14. I hate to be unsisterly, but I need the boyfriend's address so I can drop him a postcard - telling him to RUN AWAY. He's potentially about to make the biggest mistake since that tit in the BT adverts shacked up with that hatchet-faced harridan and her slap-warranting offspring.
  15. Holy Hell Fur coat and nae knickers, as they say round these parts. It is different this time, then. Last time people had over borrowed to pish the money away on overpriced 'studio' flats in Knightsbridge and British Gas shares (probably).
  16. Right, own up. Which one of you posted as Sibley on the Torygraph story? Come on.......I don't want to have to keep everybody in.
  17. Really? I graduated in '94 (from a redbrick university in the midlands). No grant, no fees. Saturday job/summer work only to fall back on. Total debts: £750 overdraft (which the sodding Natwest gave me hell over) and 3 x student loans at the maximum available - £1200. So less than £2,000. Did things really deteriorate that quickly?
  18. If no onward chain, then it it s mix of BTLers selling up, people selling to rent or move overseas, sales on behalf of estates of deceased owners and repossession. The trick is working out which one it is......... And no, banks don't want to collapse the market but there will come a tipping point where mortgagees in possession hold more property than they want to and cannot sell. There's plenty of stuff going to auction after being on the open market and failing to sell there too. What happens next????
  19. Mostly north west england. Lots of newbuild repos in Scotland, but that has been the case for quite some time.
  20. Thanks folks. That's useful. On a quick shufty of Rightmove, there are a shit load of houses getting repossessed, then.
  21. Am just having a sunday afternoon perusal of Rightmove & ESPC, trying to work out whether a possible work relocation is viable. Noticing many properties advertised with 'no onward chain' clearly stated. Some 'by order of mortgagees in possession'. One with a repo notice clearly taped to the front window. However, am seeing LOADS with the kitchen appliances and bathroom fittings all taped up with red & white tape. Not just newbuilds. Can anyone in the know advise me whether this is something that happens when a house is repo'd?
  22. Technically, that is in Oswaldtwistle, I think. So you get a cheap house and an amusing address. That is a sensible price - good to see some normality returning in the north west. Prices round my mother's way (village near Rochdale) still ridiculous, although not as bad as they were. Nethouseprices suggest that this is around the average 2004 selling price for this street. Couple of places sold for 75k to 85k in 2007. So 50% drop, right there. Heartening to see it.
  23. On a proper reading (!) it says Fettes Row not going altogether but big job losses there. Was in the Evening News online section... RBS losses
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