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  1. You could get yourself a decent sized detached house for well under 200k, if you looked at Fife. Try a search on the ESPC website for Dunfermline - well worth the short commute. Of course, you don't get to live in Scotland's vibrant capital. But the trains etc are pretty good, with the exception of the recent inclement weather disruption.
  2. You need to live in the city and for the city. Spot on. Any fule kno' that Stevie Wonder wrote 'Living for the City' about Exeter.
  3. You can find them in about 30 seconds on 192.com. If I've got the right street, next door sold for 263k at peak. Their house seems to have been purchased pre-2000, so <125k which is the 1999 selling price of next door house.
  4. Its Oldham East and Saddleworth. Was a 3 way marginal pre Woolas' shenanigans. All 3 parties have problems here Lab - Woolas contamination LD - coalition and local infrastructure collapsing (see recent goings on in Rochdale council) Con - The Cuts Riding a wave of anti EU sentiment could see a UKIP candidate returned.
  5. I hope when the Saddleworth by-election comes around, Farage stands. A timely bit of rabble-rousing and lots of voters will be reluctant to vote for any of the main parties, particularly given the background to the re-running of the vote. He could clean up.
  6. Please stop making sensible and well-reasoned contributions. You sully the good name of HPC with your attempts at putting forward a coherent argument.
  7. They now have 5 seats, and are the party with the smallest number of seats in the Dail. There are a number of other by-elections pending. Fianna Fail/coalition have a majority of 2. Cowen still needs to get the austerity measures through the Dail and the Greens (coalition partners) have indicated that they won't back it. Should be interesting.
  8. I just looked her up on Wikipedia and she's the same age as me. Just think, if i had fecked up my A levels and gone to Birmingham Poly, I could have been making a tit of myself on QT.
  9. Am I imagining it, or does Ken have a bit of an eye for the blonde gasbag novelist?
  10. This Nu Lab bint makes me ashamed to be a Northern female. She is spectacularly ill-informed.
  11. From the bits of Tory policy that are seeping out and impact directly upon housing, they certainly seem to 'get it'. My gut feeling is that they are trying to deflate the market gradually.
  12. Farage got pitched the question first and got a big round of applause when he predicted a) demise of the Euro and demise of the European Project. Gloria Del Piero getting short shrift from the audience. Dimblebore amusingly reminding Paddy Pantsdown and Ken Clarke of ancient quotes about how much they loved the Euro. Paddy sticking to the 'it started in America' line. Well done there.
  13. Ha! You beat me to it One of my friends has bought in 'North Fettes' or South Pilton. Likewise, any old bit of Leith is frequently rebranded as 'The Shore' and Granton as 'Trinity'. The ESPC will go to any lengths to avoid naming something as Craigmillar or Niddrie.
  14. Not if my property searches are anything to go by. ESPC mail me everyday with price drops on my watched properties. On another note, the last few properties I have viewed have turned out to be repos. Only this week, my neighbour got repossessed. The pain is coming now, Edinburgh is not different. I am digging in and carrying on renting. I've no need to buy and the only way is down in my sector of the market (Edinburgh North/East, < £150k).
  15. I like the cut of his jib. Also bears out what I am beginning to see at the lower end in Edinburgh.
  16. Quite right. I'm a newbie in HPC terms. Some of this lot have been at it for years, man and boy. I remember the heady days of '06, the ****-eyed optimism that HPC was just around the corner.......
  17. Come on now, ccc. its got a boxroom/study. On the upside, my ESPC search has unveiled my first sub 80k one bedder in a reasonable street, down to 76k Balfour St flat Also, I found this lovely little crashtastic recent build 3 bedder offers around140k Now, how much did the originally mug canny investor pay? 2/8 East Pilton Farm Avenue, Edinburgh, EH5 2GA £202,000 Application No: 07MID04329 Title No: MID65583 Application Type: DW Deed Codes: 11 20 1 Application Date 19-Jan-2007 Oh dear.
  18. Its about 500 metres to Victoria Avenue. Its Blackley. Also, if you have kids, the nearest high school would be Plant Hill, which scored a massive 17% 5 A* to C GCSE in 2009. Has been turned into an 'Academy' now. Same intake though.
  19. I cannot stress enough what a shitehole Blackley is.
  20. I have never watched it, nor been engaged in conversation by a colleague about anything shown on this channel. A total irrelevance for most teachers. See also BECTA, who not only pished money away, but encouraged well-meaning HTs to do the same. The GTCE can kiss my chuddies, too. Not fit for purpose. However they managed to send me a lovely leaflet the other day, justifying their jobs and reminding me that it will take an Act of Parliament to abolish them, so I'll have to cough up for another year. However, they have stopped publishing their 'magazine'. Money saving at its finest :angry:
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