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  1. Didn't one of these surveys show up Alnwick in Northumberland as the best place to live in the UK - yet nowhere in the North now makes the top 50?
  2. Its a great gag, though. Only surpassed as a retail pun by the tale of Dublin based carpet entrepreneur Lino Richie - 'His prices will have you dancing on the ceiling'.
  3. The only people with any common sense on the MSE boards are the Old Stylers, who are as tight as two coats of paint. There's lots of 'Oh,just live at home with your folks and stash a grand a month' type comments - assuming your parents have the room, are willing to continue to subsidise you (or can afford to), there are jobs paying reasonable wages in your parents area, you are unencumbered by student debts etc etc etc......
  4. Quite. The dull witted Torygraph commentator conveniently ignoring facts like the end of free higher education, 300% HPI, end of FS pensions/job security, unfettered immigration leading to crazy competition for even the most menial of jobs. It isn't just people going to Magaluf and spanking money on iPads that is disadvantaging the younger generations.
  5. I wouldn't put my bits into any of that cheapo stuff. You'll be asking me to wear Primark pants next. Sorry to disappoint.
  6. This is a great and not at all flawed survey. Why, who amongst us would not rather live in Brentwood than anywhere else on earth?
  7. Just thought I'd check that someone had started a thread on this, that was filing up with bra/knickers based puns.... As you were. P.S. Their underwear was cheap scratchy sh*te, so its no great loss to us ladies.
  8. It was mental pricing for Thorntons style chocs in fancier packaging. I normally buy my mum Champagne Truffles as a Christmas stocking filler - Thorntons price £2.99 per 100g bag, Hotel Chocolat £10 for 100g box. Luckily I live in a city where there are decent indie chocolate purveyors as well as chain retailers.
  9. I am shocked to learn that the £6 I spend annually in Thorntons (on Champagne Truffles for my mother) hasn't sustained them this year. I accidentally went into Hotel Chocolat the other day, as a new branch has opened near us. Not impressive. Will make the rest of my choc purchases from a local chocolatier.
  10. What gets my frickin' goat way more is the word 'Luxe', beloved of women's mags and Polly Filla/Liz Jones type vacuous drivel in the papers. When used in a sentence, it can be substituted quite easily for the words 'overpriced tat'. These same deluded harridans also refer to what you and I call clothes as 'pieces'. e.g. 'What we're LOVING this week are these luxe plastic bracelets by (insert name of 'designer'), a snip at £350'. 'This T shirt from Harvey Nicks was a mere £250 and is fast becoming one of my favourite pieces' :angry:
  11. Surely Jaeger have to be on the ropes this year? Selling high street clothes at designer prices, expensive rents in fancy-schmancy locations. They seem to have been in permanent sale mode since mid 2010 - the one near me has massive floor space and is always empty of customers.
  12. True. I think this may be the first year that the pain is really hitting Edinburgh (its immune, don'tcha know?). Have seen quite a few of my pals laid off this year in both public and private sector. I was shopping mostly around George St yesterday, where most of the high end retailers are. Sales should be good
  13. We elbowed the Sky when we moved house in March, had the full package too, was £60-odd a month. Invested £15 in an unlimited cinema pass and carried on with the licence fee we were already paying, don't miss it at all. They ring/email once a month and then send a 'please come back, its only £20 a month' letter on top of that. Nearly the cost of a bottle of Talisker, and I know which I'd rather have.
  14. Reports from Mother Mancghirl (works near Trafford Centre) that it is a nightmare whichever time she has tried to shop e.g 8am or 6pm. One in one out in lots of shops (midweek too, she won't go near the place at a weekend). However, here in Edinburgh I headed out to try some shopping this afternoon (4 to 6pm). Ocean terminal shopping centre was deadsville - car parks full but I suspect that's all the civil servants in the offices next door using the free parking. Every shop I went in I got pounced on. City centre was the same, especially when shopping for stuff for sis-in-law (Space NK, Jo Malone, White Company all hoatching with staff but no customers). Got so pissed off with the over zealous assistant in Space NK that I couldn't be arsed to buy anything. Schools are still on here, though. Expected it to be a lot busier based on previous years' experience of shopping here in the week leading up to Christmas.
  15. Not if you charge for on-street parking - the roads are already there, surely. Edinburgh City Council seems to have a policy of late which involves ticketing cars which have already paid for parking in 'error' and then letting them off when they write in to query the ticket. I've had 2 tickets this month and I pay for a parking permit to park outside my own home, on top of the council tax. Presumably some people just cough up and don't query the charge.
  16. As a teacher who is keen to hang onto my job, may I say thanks for all your hard work. Feel free to have more. Anecdotally, the primary school numbers in my area have been rising for the last few years (we are a remote high school and only have a small amount of EU immigration to the area), so people have been popping them out round our way. We do get brutal winters, though, and the TV and broadband often go off
  17. Wow. That was where I had my first ever job, whilst I was doing my A levels. It was always really busy, however, the late shift was a bit scary as it did tend to attract 'the wrong type of customer' (bear in mind this was 1991, god knows what its like now). I only go down there to see my Mum a couple of times a year (she prefers to come and visit me) but the town centre is dying. The only busy shop is Marks and Spencer, if they go, then it really is game over. Also last time I was in the Wheatsheaf, there were two large gangs of teenage Asian lads who seemed to have some beef with one another and the Peelers had to be summoned. Failure to secure a Primark (when Littlewoods went bust, they bought up their store in Oldham) was a big factor in some shoppers going elsewhere. You can get to central Manchester in 15 minutes on the train for a couple of quid, or free parking if you drive to the Trafford Centre. My mum's cronies all seem to prefer Bury, which is on the flat, has a big M & S and Primark, a fantastic food market and a lower quotient of trackie wearing NEETS wandering the streets.
  18. I did the shopping online last week using the comparison thing on mysupermarket. It was cheapest in Waitrose (and free delivery).
  19. Although, in fairness, the Dundonians have access to a higher quality of pies. However, the soap shortages are really hitting hard now.
  20. Did you see the South African data? Scary...and we think we've got it bad.
  21. This. Must as I despise Gordo, the Tories would have done little different.
  22. I'm heartened that of over 1,300 comments on that article, most are of the 'Don't be so f*cking stupid, Dave' type. At least most of the public get it. Unless everyone on here and Priced Out have been hitting the keyboards today
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