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  1. Yes, that's where I'm at. Have worked out this week I can get out of the Edinburgh market, into a decent sized house with land in the Borders, mortgage free. Easy to get up to Edinburgh or down to Newcastle for nights out. Fortunately, my job means I'm not tied to cities. Got to do it soon, before the Edinburgh 2007 style delusional pricing wears off. Good luck with your search but avoid 'posh' bits of Leeds - my brother and SiL worked their backsides off and paid off the mortgage, but looking for a slightly bigger property left them horrified at the money being asked. Decided to plough the money into his business and get out of the UK once the kids have finished university.
  2. She thought she was helping people. By soaking the taxpayer for HB. Honestly, people like this won't learn, even if they do lose it all. Too thick.
  3. I'd rather buy somewhere attractive and liveable like (e.g. Aberdour (Fife) or Summerseat) which is commutable by road/rail than in the burbs, but just trying to help... I wouldn't have bought in Prestwich back in the day, and I still wouldn't. Still surprised how much people prize being on the Metrolink. Main line rail routes are much quicker. If you're looking at the nicer suburbs of Leeds, you'll have the same issues of prices still being detached from reality ongoing.
  4. Remember when that was a strategy? I recall an article in some broadsheet about two 'priced out' young professionals (i.e. couldn't afford the New Town in Edinburgh for their first flat), so bought a few FTB flats in Leith (the horror) to rent out for inflated £££ to subsidise the rent on a flat on the New Town.
  5. Idiot who bought up former social housing stock, failing to see she is part of the problem. Then gets hit by tax bill. *gets out tiny violin*
  6. Are you looking to be right in the city, or commute? I'm currently in Edinburgh, which is not a market I'd advise getting into right now. Fife/Borders are much cheaper. Considering jobs in Leeds, but would buy in the Calder Valley, or Manchester, but I'd be looking north of the city e.g. Rambottom or similar. Both very affordable with a good range of housing stock. After years of city living, I don't feel the need to be in the thick of the bright lights and nightlife - I can afford a taxi, but you might be a young hipster wanting excitement...
  7. Yep, avoid the frappa-latte-moccachino stuff and drink proper coffee. Course the chains prefer to promote the flavoured milk at £3.50 a pop. Costa/Nero don't do filter, but apparently Costa are starting to offer it soon, along with free Wi-fi.
  8. They've elbowed the discount on filter coffee with the relaunch of their 'Rewards' scheme. Some very unhappy and vociferous customers all over social media, as they've cut a lot of the benefits from the scheme (as they were presumably costing too much). Me, I like a Pret 99p filter.
  9. I take it these teachers were over 50? This isn't the experience of younger staff at my school. Course, they get to keep their existing pension T & Cs as well.
  10. No surprises in this news. Banks tightening up on all kinds of lending, petrol costs sky high, spiralling car insurance costs. Most families who were running 2 cars will be questioning whether both are necessary. I used to buy brand new or pre-reg cars but I've taken to buying ex-demonstrators for huge discounts off the list price for a couple of thousand miles. Mind you, I'm more at the Fiat end of the market, rather than the Ferrari. I have noticed the ultimate bling purchase, the Porsche Cayenne, much less in evidence round my way. Property developers must have all gone bust.
  11. Businesses like DSG are doomed in an age when every man and his dog has a smartphone and can price check any item in ten seconds. They just act as a giant showroom, where people can examine the goods, before firing up a google search and finding that the TV they want is £50 cheaper in Richer Sounds, and leaving the premises. I'm amazed that Jessops camera shops are still in business for the same reasons.
  12. The sales brings out a brand of shopper I don't normally witness - the total nutjob. I once got hit on the head in a branch of Next because some silly cow was discarding the shoes she didn't want by throwing them over her shoulder. Stopped going to Next sale after that. Sticking to the shops that are fairly middle of the road - M & S for basics, Hobbs/Whistles/Russell & Bromley/Jigsaw for other clothing and shoes, makes for a much more relaxed sales experience. Sadly the great Manchester institution of Kendal Milne has, like Jenners, been bought out by House of Fraser and is now subject to the same frantic shopping experience as Next/Debenhams/Selfridges.
  13. Isn't it rent payment time for the next quarter? Oh dear... Edit: Just read the story - Blacks and Millets are named (mild winter so far seems to have finished them off), as are La Senza.
  14. Was just talking to my sister in law and she said tons of her colleagues with younger children pile down there and stock up on the kids clothes during the sale, as its decent quality. Haven't bought anything from Next in years, so cannot comment. Apparently the Trafford Centre was mentally busy before Christmas too. No recession in Manchester, for some people, it would seem.
  15. John Lewis do this too - they have some phrase like 'Special Purchase' on the sign. That means its stuff they don't normally sell and not a markdown of regular stock. I'm afraid I have expensive tastes, so not much I like goes in the sale. However, clothing retailers seem to have had a bad year, so I discovered that an excellent coat I've had my eye on was marked down massively -bought that but its an item that will last for many years. Can't see me buying much else, have got a savings plan for 2012 that involves saving much harder - sorry, retailers of Edinburgh.
  16. Manchester is definitely the main shopping hub for the North West, that's a lot of potential punters within an hour's drive. I doubt that the public sector is the main employer, never heard any stats on it though. Most of my folks friends are private sector employees, only public sector employees they know are Doctors/Nurses. Unless you include me (teacher), I don't live in the North West either! Edit: According to Grauniad article in November 2011, Manchester (city council area) has 20% public sector employees.
  17. I said the same on here last week, when I was Xmas shopping in Edinburgh I felt it wasn't busy. I do my present buying over the same few days every year (20th to 23rd Dec) and I've never seen it so quiet. George Street was particularly deserted, so people have clearly stopped spending in the posh shops - last year it took me about 30 minutes to get served in Jo Malone, this year about 5 assistants dived on me when I walked through the door, as there was only 1 other customer. Boots/ M&S doing some trade but less busy than a weekend afternoon. Different story in Manchester though - I'm down south visiting my family, so popped into Manchester yesterday to pick up a new coat - streets busy, Debenhams/House of Fraser/Selfridges all rammed. Selfridges handbag department was insane. Lots of Chinese tourists. There was a baying mob waiting to get into FootLocker when it opened, Clarks mobbed. I assume Next was the usual nightmare from the amount of bags people were carrying. My mother reported that the shops were mental in the build-up to Xmas too.
  18. You mean this survey might have been made up on the back on an envelope? *cancels plans to move from Edinburgh to Maidstone*
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