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  1. To be clear, this chap isn't of the seriously disadvantaged Millennial generation, he is 35 to 38 years old, going by his other articles. He didn't get landed with huge tuition fees, he went to University when it was fairly cheap (although, admittedly not free) to do so. He's also been gifted a sizeable deposit by his mother, something which lots of young people from less affluent backgrounds won't be getting. He's been able to buy a house for his family as a result of this. However, he seems to be unwilling to get a proper job, one which actually pays the bills, despite being well-educated. He's then adopting the arguments of the generation below him to moan about how hard done by he is.
  2. 'Tis a shame that comments are closed, or I would be explaining this at length.
  3. There's a cracking article on the Guardian website where a bloke from my generation (who is clearly in his late 30s) cries about how he had to be gifted a deposit by his pensioner mum. He seems unable to make the link that she was able to save by working in an actual job, whereas he was 'freelancing' and quit the reasonably paid job he had as he seemed to see it as beneath him. Implication that it is OK for his wife to work though. He also makes some spurious claims about HPI, yet lives in the North East, where he was able to buy a house in Newcastle for £150k. I work in the North East and there are a reasonable amount of well-paid jobs available. There's a massive shortage of teachers, for example. A whiny man-baby writes I'm rarely on the side of the Boomer generation, but this guy isn't helping the Gen X/Gen Y cause by being wet and useless.
  4. Really hoping that one of the many mortgage lenders that he's in hock to, decides enough is enough and pulls the plug. A face I'd never tire of punching.
  5. My new favourite is this shed in Pencaitland. A mere o/o @125k. Form an orderly queue...
  6. Half the southeastern corner of Edinburgh is packed with new builds and more sites going under construction over the next few years. HTB ceiling price comes down in 3 stages in Scotland, so it will be interesting to see what impact that has on asking prices.
  7. I'm more interested in the 'burbs these days, or anywhere with a decent train connection. 20-odd years in the city centre, I've done my time. Nothing I've seen in the last few weeks is tempting me to jump in. Still people trying to double their money from 07/08. Tons of BTLers trying to bail.
  8. I've been nosing around Sunday viewings the last few weeks - was dead before Xmas but some things which are reasonably priced are moving fast. Lots of BTL dross getting listed, which is going nowhere. Development next to me has 8 listings, only 1 of them looks like it has been lived in. Saw an actual repo last week, which wasn't disclosed by the agent (no internal pics - should have known). DJ Alexander keep ringing me claiming that bang average and overpriced flats are laden with notes of interest, but they don't seem to be going to closing dates or going under offer. Am still tempted by the Borders, where prices are going backwards, lots of people trying to shift stuff at a paper loss.
  9. What an absolute pillock that guy is. My old Dad was a senior Engineer, supplying the O & G industry, for years. He drummed into me never to buy a car, unless I could pay for it outright in cash. Used to point to all the blingmobiles on our street and estimate that 99% of them were on PCP/leases/loans. The 'old money' families on the road always used to have crumbling old wrecks of Landies and Volvos. So many of my colleagues are driving around in Beemers and Audis on PCP deals, with mileage limitations/penalities. Ask me how much my car payment is per month. Look shocked when I tell them I buy my car new, every 3 years, paid for in cash.
  10. Love the 'is going to impact teaching by 2019'. Ask any London headteacher how recruitment is going in 2016.
  11. People are not applying in sufficient numbers for training - haven't been for years. Schools (particularly in the South East/London) have had to recruit from overseas for many years. I was recruited during the last 'crisis', funded training place with small salary (£6k), no tuition fees. There was also the golden hello (couple of thousand on taking up post, to pay for e.g. rent deposit) and repayment of your student loans, whilst you stayed in post (I didn't take out a loan, trained in quite a low cost area). Application numbers rose to the level required, then all the funding for these schemes was pulled. Now - £9k tuition fees plus living expenses for the non-salaried Schools Direct route or University ITT. Add that to the debt you've already got from undergraduate years. What's on offer at the end isn't attracting applicants.
  12. We're benefiting from this slightly in the far North as we've had decent applicants for some teaching posts, fleeing the HPI in the South East (last 2 appointments were exiting Cambridge and Kent). However, people are quitting in larger numbers and we're finding it impossible to appoint Maths, English and Science at the moment. Things will only get worse, if the projected numbers coming into the system up to 2022 (800,000 extra pupils) are accurate. Current government have moved from denying shortage to acknowledgment, whilst continuing to slate the profession. Should improvement recruitment numbers no end. FWIW, I would love to go and take on a role in London, but every time I look at a post, a quick search on Rightmove puts me off.
  13. The children of the upper middle classes cannot buy in Zone 2, which has kicked off the handwringing in the Guardian. They don't care about how fecked everyone else has been for years. Wait until the millennials with the serious tuition fee debt from 2012 onwards hit their mid-late 20s. Once the Telegraph admit its all over and the market is broken, with serious damage to society as a consequence, then we might see some action. Even Thatcher understood that owning gave people a stake in society. This lot don't seem to even care about the long term consequence of their actions (brain drain of intelligent young people to avoid student debt/high house prices and stable hardworking types putting off having families indefinitely).
  14. For every couple who moved in together and can't shift the old flat accidental LL, there are five like this Rachman worshipping pillock. Let 'em burn.
  15. I had it in my head that people used to get Robin Reliants instead of Motability when I was a kid, but this must have been what I was thinking of - same issues, you had to weigh it down with a bag of cement or similar, in a cross wind. Article says 600k on Motability in 2010. FFS. Anecdotally, I know a very well to do couple, where the wife was driving around in a new car last time I saw her - her old mum's Motability car as old mum didn't want to drive anymore but they didn't want to miss out on what she was 'entitled to'.
  16. This is the part I really don't get, all the wannabe tax avoiders posting on t'interweb using their own names. Like the HMRC won't notice.
  17. Absolutely spot on. If you look at the example of this moron in the Torygraph - she cannot even manage her own finances and understand the tax/legal implications of her 'investments'.
  18. I'm a career changer, so have only 15 years' service so far, pension changes have made the deal slightly worse, but she'll still be getting a decent lump sum plus pension based on career average earnings. If she's made Head of Department, she should have no worries about her pension. If she's spent her whole time pissing about on Rightmove and staying on main scale, she'll still be fine. Its just basic common sense to buy your lavatory paper in bulk. I have a stash in the utility room, along with a sack of Yorkshire Tea bags. Costco is your friend, people. I'm completely prepared for the complete and utter breakdown of society after HPC.
  19. I note Cheuk uses the old 'property is my pension'. She is the same age as me, does the same job. My pension is my pension. Unless she's opted out of the TPS and sunk it all into BTL. Now that would be a very poor call.
  20. I knew this thread was going to be comedy gold. You've got to admire: 1) Her flawless logic 2) Her stubborn unwillingness to see warning signs 3) Her superb decision making skills - 2 x mat leaves whilst still racking up debt Still, you can't lose with bricks and mortar, eh?
  21. I've just had a look at Knowsley on RightMove and its wall to wall tenanted ex-LA stuff under 100k. Lets hope they price it keenly, or it will never shift. Unless its one of these, where the vendor is attempting nearly 100% HPI from the last sale on the street. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-52137466.html
  22. Every time I see these pathetic attempts at claiming landlordism as some sort of social enterprise, my blood pressure rises. No-one was in it to make money? GTF, they knew what they were doing, now they can live with the consequences of the inevitable come down. I hope every single house is bought by some young people doing worthwhile jobs, when they're being auctioned off by the mortgagee in possession.
  23. I know, but I'm still always shocked when over-leveraged idiots haven't done basic maths. It was her pension, I suppose. I've got a pension. I check it regularly and make sure the sums add up.
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