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  1. SNP, as in the last Holyrood election.
  2. I dunno, give me half an hour to polish the rest the Merlot off and I'll watch QT back on iPlayer and see if it makes a difference. Flint is dim, an affront to womanhood. I know so many bright, capable women...none of them are involved in politics - its all dross like Julie Kirkbride and Caroline Flint. Excluding the late, great Mo Mowlam, but she was of another era.
  3. To clarify, none of the male members of the panel would get it. Even after half a bottle of Merlot. CCC's beer goggles are clearly worse than mine.
  4. I've only had 1 leaflet from any political party relating to the Euro elections and that is from the SNP. Apparently, Labour are struggling to get activists to deliver leaflets/knock on doors.
  5. If the audience had access to a noose, do you think that Flint would be able to outrun them?
  6. Dimblebore specifically stated a couple of weeks back that there was going to be a Euro Election special and appealed for audience members from other EU countries.
  7. Good to see the phrase 'economic success' raising a laugh amongst the audience. Caroline Flint is unbelievably shite.
  8. When I was in 6th form, my then boyfriend was a first year at Manchester and lived in Longsight. He used to siphon every drop of petrol out of his car before turning in for the evening and then fill it up again next morning. ....he had a VW Golf which was inexplicably popular with the local TWOC-ers. 'Course, I'm sure its all branches of Costa Coffee and bistros, these days....
  9. No, I think many on here would agree with you. He was the slightly more cautious of the two. Not cautious enough, it would seem. (Apologies if I raised hopes that it was his own personal bankruptcy with misleading OP)
  10. I know but I can't really put my true feelings on this matter into a coherent sentence, so it will read something like this... "Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahafeckyougetitrightupy ou, youuselesspropertymarketrampingtwatandtakethatfuglythickbintAllsopdownwithyou" Which I don't think they'll print to be honest.
  11. I've noted some disharmony on here over the last few days. The outbreak (for the 1 millionth time) of the Private vs Public Sector squabbles, the 20 pages on what a bunch of lazy feckless shites teachers are. Let us put aside these petty squabbles. Let us focus on the big issues. Let us laugh at pwoperdee expert Phil as he goes bust.... You can't lose on pwoperdee.....
  12. Yes but you get results - my colleague doesn't! My planning is all in my head too - but I have huge numbers at GCSE and A level and the marking is horrific in my subject. I also have whole school responsibilities. I feel your pain re the class sizes. I nearly ended up with 30 kids in an A2 group this year until I kicked off about it. One of my colleagues had 2 in her A2 class last year (both failed - MFL). I don't really want to move into SMT but I'm getting towards the top of the pay scale, there is nowhere else to go. AST doesn't really appeal.
  13. In theory. But it would be highly unpopular with unions and the government would lack the political will to see it through - reform has been suggested so many times. The only schools seemingly able to do this at the moment are academies who (locally at least) seem to be offering very generous pay and conditions above MPS/UPS scales for teachers in shortage subjects, as they are not under local authority control. Of course, these schools are hewn from the remnants of failing schools, usually in deprived areas - some of the very toughest to work in.
  14. I didn't exactly say that - just that this forum usually elicits a large number of folk that think any job would be a doddle, notwithstanding years of degree level study and work required to get there e.g. Doctor, Dentist, Teacher, Architect etc etc etc. You're right about the restrictive employment practices. I graft my erse off for £3.5k per annum more than a bloke who leaves on the dot everyday, marks feck all and is rarely to be seen at any after school activity/meeting. I love being a teacher. I have some excellent students who are achieving and seeing them off to University every year gives me a huge sense of satisfaction that I did not get when I was working in the private sector (IT). I don't think I'm badly paid, even though I work during holidays I can usually manage 7 weeks per year, I have a good pension. But what really gets my goat is the fact that the staff who are talented and hardworking get no additional reward. Everyone's 'worth' is the same. The people who have classes full of students getting A* GCSEs, who all then go on to study at A level and off to good degrees at quality Universities - they are worth exactly the same as the people who teach a handful of students in their GCSE option, who all then go on to fail. Some headteachers do employ creative use of the TLR system to try and retain good staff in the classroom, but they are few and far between. So the good people move on, to other schools and leadership roles. So staff turnover in many schools is high, students get little continuity and good teachers normally leave the classroom by moving into management jobs.
  15. Good points, well made. I've posted similar in the past, whenever this topic comes up (which is frequently) but there are inevitably people who think pretty much all professions (apart from theirs) are a total doss, no matter how much training and experience is required. I'd go on, but I am writing a job application due to being currently in the situation you describe. Paid less than people who have been in post for 20-odd years and have/will take on no responsibility. Gutted - I love the school, but if I'm going to be there until 10pm every night, I may as well get paid on the leadership scale.
  16. Lets face it, most of us are only in a Union for the legal cover, in case one of the less charming pupils decides to assault/sue us. In most schools I've worked in, neither the NUT nor the NASUWT have even had a rep. I'm not keen on the NAS either, BTW, after the 'workload agreement' debacle. Even though it is the biggest union, what was the turnout at the most recent ballot for a strike? 30%ish? To say that they are representative of the views of the majority of teachers is misleading (although it suits the Daily Mail to do so).
  17. Can I just point out that the NUT represents only a proportion of the teachers in England and Wales. They are frigging useless as well. Every year they bang on about pay, when the real issues are conditions (behaviour, crazy exam reforms, league tables, SATS). Just ignore them, most teachers do.
  18. One of my chums is locked into the cycle of 'run up CCs, take out loan to pay them off, run them up again' and so on. She was until recently earning <£20k, has now had a payrise to about £28k. AFAIK, all the money went on holidays, clothes/make up and socialising. She also had a fairly small mortgage but MEWed about 18 months ago and is now in NE. She thinks I'm mad to shop at LIDL, save money, rent, buy clothes from Primark, sell things on eBay etc etc. Even though I earn far more than her. (Can you guess which 'industry' she works in???)
  19. Radio 5 are having a heated debate about it at the moment. Brainless PR for some pwoperdee tycoon says we need EAs 'because of all the complicated laws and everything'. Victoria Derbyshire pointed out that was down to the solicitor.....
  20. I would DEFINITELY show my rack to Ray Mears
  21. That, in the long term, I'd like to buy a house to live in. For a reasonable proportion of my salary. Like people earning a good living used to be able to. In t'olden days. Even at the peak of the 70s boom, my parents could afford a 3 bed semi with huge gardens in a good area, near good schools etc etc. On just my Dad's salary. I rent a nice place for a reasonable rent. I would like to buy a house one day. Inflating my salary doesn't make me feel richer if house prices remain out of control.
  22. This thread appears to have taken a rather dark turn whilst I was eating my dinner and watching Ray Mears And probably more like a), tbh. I don't have any gold stashed though, other than jewellery
  23. I'm not that bothered about a payrise, if only housing costs (everyone's biggest expense) were at a sensible level. Crazy house prices make everyone feel poorer, even if they are earning a reasonable living.
  24. Even better, it was god given and therefore gratis. Unless we are talking about my wine rack, which is also very nice, but cost me £10 out of IKEA.
  25. I have an exceptionally nice rack. But I don't like to brag.
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