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  1. Citylets is a good guide to rentals costs in Edin, My unscientific study over the last few months has turned up quite a lot of 2 beds going for £550 and below, DJs are the worst for trying to push the boundaries of pricing acceptability. If you ever see a flat that you think 'Looks nice but its £50 to £100 pcm too much', 99 times out of 100 DJs are the agent. This time of year always sees a drop of in levels of activity in the rental market, once the students are settled in for the year. So, yes, I would expect to see rental prices heading down, as there is so much stuff that has been lingering unlet for months, particularly 2 beds. Flat next door to me was empty for 8 months as the LL tried it at £650, but ended up letting it go for £525.
  2. +1 Yet more pulling the ladder up behind them, just like the ramping of house prices. People aged under 30 are really fecked. I may not have bought a house yet, but at least I managed to graduate with nothing more than a £750 quid overdraft, which I paid off by doing shift work in a warehouse the few weeks after graduation.
  3. +1 My old Dad isn't feeling too well at the moment. He was reading the new Iain Rankin book that I had bought him, which is full of stuff about the trams and banking crisis and he was asking about the tramworks and developments in Edinburgh. I told him they had demolished the old Fountainbridge brewery, built flats on it and were trying to punt them for >£200k. Cheered him up no end. He laughed his ass off and said when he were a lad, you only lived in Fountainbridge if you were poor- "People who earn enough to buy a 200k flat don't want to live in Fountainbridge - they want to live in Morningside".
  4. The Damned United was great. My mate and I are celebrating the Scotland victory by downing Crabbies Ginger Ale and watching Patrick Swayze singlehandedly defeat the Red Army in 'Red Dawn'. What a movie.
  5. Well, you can only have 1 kid running around - 2 bed house! Still, it'll be not far to Collyhurst Police Station when you get robbed every week.
  6. Sorry, prob didn't read original post properly and assumed that for that type of crazy price, it was Edinburgh! Frankly, the fact that it is in the Glesga makes it even worse. Have heard so much about unoccupied/partially occupied blocks going to rack and ruin. £180k in Maryhill???? Oh, hang on - surely that should be 'North Kelvinside'.
  7. Please hang on as long as you can. Don't catch a falling knife. Anecdotal: Friends of mine bought in nice street just outside City Centre August 2007. One of them is very much of the 'buy now or you'll get left behind' mindset. Told me last summer if I didn't buy, I'd 'never be able to afford a flat' and I'd be 'left behind' Their flat - 2 bed, 1920s block. Cost £185k. A few months ago, they told be their neighbour was selling up and maybe I should take a look at her flat. I did so - Fixed Price £130k and no offers. Lots of delusional people in Edinburgh. This is going to be a tough winter IMO and the amount of FP and '£10k below valuation!!!' stuff on the ESPC website should give you an indication of where things are headed. Serious job losses haven't even started yet.
  8. Good lord - £180k??? Whereabouts? There are new build 2 bed flats in the Western Harbour development selling for £115k to £130k (You could rent one for as little as £600). Wonder what the 'service charges' are? One of my pals has just completed on a 2 bed new build for £155k, via the Bank of Mum and Dad deposit scheme. I'd rather carry on renting and saving. Edinburgh is on the way down and the worst pain is yet to come.
  9. Getting on for a quarter of a million to live in a graveyard adjacent to some of the roughest bits of Manchester?
  10. OUCH! Good spot. I need to leave Edinburgh - I'd struggle to get a 2 bed flat in a decent area for that. Atomic Bull- - good for your sister. Nice negotiating 'They said they might accept £120k - she offered £110k'..I like her style.
  11. +1 He'll won't call an election until the last minute. He will hang on until the bitter end. However, there may be a bid to oust him around the time of the party conference. Heard quite a good rumour from friends in Fife that the reason he took so long off in the summer is that he is now very unstable (more so than usual). Seems plausible.
  12. It looks suspicious, doesn't it? A touch of the Anthea and Grant's about it 'We are not in financial trouble and I will sue anyone who says so.....' Couldn't have happened to a nicer pair. May the FTBs of Ashford and Maidstone lure them to their deaths and burn them in a Wickerman Edward Woodward stylee, singing manically.
  13. Of Course!!!! It all makes sense now. This is why I am not a BTL pwoperdee tycoon, no ability to 'think outside the box'.
  14. Quite. Also informing the press that you are about to offload 700+ properties on to the market in a one-er is kind of a signal that you are: a) in serious trouble or so stupid that you don't realise that this will encourage people to make low offers. Or both.
  15. Yep, I'm an O2 customer and had some propaganda through about it. Writ large in the T & Cs was the fact that if Natwest goes tits up, you get nowt. Tragically it isnt being marketed at the likes of Fred Goodwin but at teenagers and students as a 'money management' learning tool.
  16. I'd recommend the Phoenix, but only for the very cheap booze. Then an early dinner in Siam Thani. Yum.
  17. That is always the case at this time of year - I'm currently looking to move (renting) and many places are let solely for August, so move in dates are not til 1/9/09 onwards. On another note, was looking on Gumtree the other day (which is stuffed full of festival lets) and there were several that were advertised as being available at short notice due to cancellation, also plenty of 'reduced price' on festival lets as well. Makes me wonder how hard the fringe and EIF are going to be hit by the recession. On the upside, I might actually be able to hail a cab of an evening if town isn't stuffed full of meeja types from 'that London'.
  18. Manchester declaring between 1 and 2am apparently.
  19. Am gutted, I was dithering on Paddy Power's website the other day. :angry:
  20. Sorry, other way round, WHill closed the book and Paddy Power have paid out.
  21. William Hill have already paid out on him going and Paddy Power have closed the market. That's all the evidence I need.
  22. Polly Toynbee having a pink fit at Lab coming second in Wales. Bloody ungrateful Welshies. Bless 'em all, I say - this is shaping up to be a profitable evening for me on the betting front.
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