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  1. 'Universities shutting down for the summer'? When I was a young undergraduate, my University had a nice little earner in being a 'conference centre' from June-September, so many of the non-academic staff worked on that over the summer. I hung around a couple of summers as you were able to pick up jobs easily. I spent a couple of months working on TEFL programmes and so on. Most of my lecturers were still about doing research and taught summer schools to bring in more cash. They ran MA/MSc and MBA/DPhil programmes that required summer attendance. As far as I'm aware, from attending a part-time MSc programme over the last couple of years, this is stil the case. Course, I didn't go to Swansea.........
  2. Wise words. I moved here from working in London after graduation (12/13 years ago) and apart from a brief stint working down in Manchester, I settled here. Quality of life is much higher for me than in London or Manchester. Realistically, you can walk everywhere if you live in many neighbourhoods (perhaps not Niddrie or Craigmillar...). Very safe, low crime rate in most parts. Entertainments/nightlife good all year round, even excluding the annual August knees-up. Tons of green space, even a beach or two. Property prices have been literally insane as some folk from 'down South' cottoned on to the fact that for most folk, it is a great place to live. However, as far as I can see, it is calming down. Perhaps even enough for me to dig into my savings for a deposit in a couple of years. Although as I'm only paying £500 to rent in Trinity, perhaps not..
  3. Tarnation! So close to spotting the magical 10,000. In fact, 10,008 now. Including the flat of a friend who assured me, this time last year, that I'd NEVER be able to afford to buy if I didn't buy then. He's trying to sell it at £30k less than he paid in August 2007 and getting no viewers. Been on the market about 12 weeks. Not to fear, the EEN published their fornightly 'prices to sky rocket in Edinburgh' article today. Must be true, then.
  4. This is a busy time of year for rentals, with lots of flats changing hands as the students move on and some landlords clear folk out to let flats for the festival in a few weeks. Reasons why I never looked to move flat at this time of year. Hence agents and landlords tend to ask for that bit more. Also, its easier to entice people to view flats in decent weather, rather than trailing in and out of tenements in the pishing rain. However, one of my mates has sold up and was looking for a 2 bed rental (no new builds), in affluent parts (New Town/Inverleith/Stockbridge/Trinity). Rents were exactly the same levels as when I was looking last Oct/Nov in the same areas. His new landlord even offered (unprompted) a discount on the advertised rent in order to seal the deal. Rents in Edinburgh have barely increased in the 12 years I have been here. I was renting a one bed by Leith Links in 1999-2000 for £450 and until late 2009 I was renting a very large one bed in the same area for £495.
  5. 'But many would rather die than go there' 'Then they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population' I'm beginning to feel that Ebenezer had a point.
  6. Oh no, everyone in the Borders ******ing hates each other. And there is nothing to do but drink heavily. Hence despite having a very rare well-paid job in the Borders, I live in Edinburgh.
  7. For the Borders, these are overpriced. Its a very low wage economy. However, many commute to Edinburgh/Glasgow, where wages are higher. Direct train to Edin from Berwick or Dunbar, train service ok. Proposed borders rail route (Google it if you want to see where the line goes) but due to current financial situation, who knows if it will ever come to fruition. Driving A1 is OK but busy on the stretch from Dunbar to Edin and then into city centre. Edin City Centre currently a nightmare to navigate due to ongoing tramworks. Driving up the A68 is a bit hairy in the winter. Living nearer the coast/A1 may be less bleak than inland in the winter months. The Borders is a very large area, so hard to generalise - on the whole schools are OK, Borders Council spent a lot on rebuilding but now have no money left, so expect cuts in teaching staff etc.
  8. Gordon Brown = Jim Callaghan? Economy in the toilet, now the unions are finishing him off.
  9. Whatever happened to the Popular Front? Oh wait, he's over there.....
  10. I'm amazed its as low as that. If you asked me where I'd like to spend my retirement, after 35 years at the chalkface, I'd be thinking of somewhere hot and sunny, not Leith with a cruel wind whipping off the Firth of Forth. Doesn't mean its going to happen though. Only 27 years to go....
  11. This thread reminded me of my own 'lightbulb moment' (as they say on MSE), when I realised that things were really out of hand. I noticed new build 2 bed flats being advertised not far from my parents, priced at 250k. 250k round my parents way would (and still will) get you a very spacious semi-detached or detatched house, in a very decent area, garden etc. Lets see how those flats are holding up just now, shall we? Ooooooops
  12. Exactly, couldn't believe what I was seeing. Essentially, the article suggested that:- They had to sell They know or have been told that they can't sell all in a one-er as they'll collapse the local market. The bank 'won't repossess' (Yes, you twats, because then they'll have to offload all the properties at cut price and collapse the local market) The jig is up. Only worth £180m now? Unlikely. £1,800 possibly. On the upside, nice to see them and Bovey getting their comeuppance in the same week. Brainless******wittery never pays, kids.
  13. Part of the remit of the criminal justice system is to maintain confidence in the system itself. If he has been recalled for a breach of licence, then that should fuel confidence e.g. he failed to turn up for a meeting, tried to travel abroad on holiday without permission. This would show that careful monitoring and scrutiny is taking place. However if (as I suspect) several instance of criminal behaviour have taken place prior to recall, then the system is not working. He would have been allowed to stay out, despite breaching licence conditions. This would reduce public confidence in the system and lead to awkward questions about the nature and success of rehabilitation programmes, particularly given recidivism rates in this country. This might lead to law and order taking a prime place as an election topic. An area on which Labour have never been viewed to have the strongest record. I further suspect the only reason the information was released at all was the fact that one of the papers was about to publish it.
  14. I'm not making a comment on the Bulger case, sentencing or rehabilitation/licencing breaches. But 'whooping' when a hugely sensitive topic was being discussed was disgusting and inappropriate. That was my point. For your info, I was a law student at the time of the trial so yes, I have. If you want my opinion on the general issue, it is this:- This is the system which we have and they served the sentence handed to them. Much as I find the notion of only serving 8 years abhorent, given the nature of the crime, these were young boys - they were given a chance at an adult life, a fresh start. The public should be informed about the nature of the crime/reason for his recall. I suspect that the reason that this information is not being released is politically sensitive. However, naming him will sentence him to death. Someone would find a way to get to him. I suspect they may anyway. Re-incarceration should fuel confidence in the system, however if it was not his first criminal offence when on parole then the system is flawed as he should have been taken into custody immediately. If this turns out to be the case, then it will just serve to inflame public outrage. I believe any recidivism as an adult should lead to the revoking of parole in this case. This man has has the benefit of extensive emotional, financial and logistical support in order to rehabilitate him. He is an adult now and capable of making decisions in full knowledge of potential consequences. If he decided, as is being alleged, to indulge in several instances of criminality - rehabilitation has failed and he needs to be imprisoned again.
  15. I'd quite like to round up the yoof who 'whooped' at Self's answer to that question. Please look up the phrase 'basic human decency'. Also the young woman who said 'we don't have the right to know anything, I'll trust the law to deal with it' etc. Trust away. Don't apply any critical thought to the process or worry about any pesky details like miscarriages of justice etc. That would cut into your time reading Heat and Grazia.
  16. Yoooooooooo've got to pick a pocket or two, boooooooooooooooooysssss.......
  17. I cannot believe that this thread has got to 4 pages, mentioned Bono and failed to included any variation of the following joke: During U2 concert at Hampden Park - Bono: 'Everytime I clap my hands a child in Africa dies' Weegie: 'Well, stop ******ing clapping then, ya ****'. _______________ On a more serious note if you want to help anyone in Africa, donate direct and not via a massive charity. You can sponsor orphanages/schools direct, via the internet, Tanzania is particularly poor but not so 'glamorous' as other African countries so seems to get less attention. I sponsor primary age orphaned children to attend school for £40 each. There is a brilliant book out there somewhere (I can't remember the name) by a young female African academic who is very scathing about Bono and the like, and denounces this type of thing as 'glamour' aid which does not benefit Africa.
  18. Holy shit. 'From 114k (shared equity)' to live doon the 'Pans. Edinburgh/Lothians really is still very very delusional. Here's an idea, become a heroin addict, sign on, get a free hoose in Prestonpans. Nick TV from neighbour. You've just saved yourself 114k, my friend. Job done.
  19. The areas I'm watching (North and East, large 1 beds/2 beds), the only way for asking prices appears to be down. Checking nethouseprices, most of the ones I'm looking at seem to be priced at the same level the owners paid or within spitting distance of it. Most of the poor sods seem to have bought in 07 or later. Not including the repos that are popping up in Western Harbour/Pilrig Heights/East Pilton Farm and the like. A lot of the stuff I looked at back in December hasn't shifted, making me feel righteous about sitting tight. Lots have reduced from home valuation price, but still not selling. No more 90%+ LTV mortgages seems to have killed the market. The only thing I've spotted selling quickly was a lovely townhouse round the corner from me in Trinity O/O 495, under offer within days.
  20. More anecdotes like this please. They cheer me up when having to ignore all the feckwits who are convinced that Edinburgh is experiencing a new paradigm where FTB flats in Chib-Me-quickly Street are still 'worth' 120k.
  21. No surprises as far as I'm concerned - the one in Edinburgh is a combined Paperchase/Borders/Starbucks. The only bit that seems to be doing any trade is Starbucks. Borders are so much more expensive than Amazon/Waterstones/HMV, why bother unless you need something in an absolute hurry and cannot order online/source it at another high street store? On another note, how much longer can WHSmith keep trading?
  22. Once you get past the login page, you still can't access your accounts.....
  23. Sorry to piss on your chips but 'Murieston' is EA speak for that junction where Gorgie and Dalry meet. When my mate lived on Murieston Crescent (up until approx 8 months ago), it was in Dalry. Dalry is no more glam a location than Gorgie, albeit slightly less walking distance to Haymarket. Although it does remind my of my favourite ever quiz team name, our rivals used to be called 'The Dalry Llamas'.
  24. What's even more puzzling is that he has owned the flat for many years, so can't have paid more than about 50k for it. So instead of getting the mortgage covered and making a reasonable profit, he went for an 8 month void. Dipstick. Mind, he did once let the flat to a chap who had a lot of visitors, who didn't stay long, but all left in possession of little bags of green stuff. Clearly a retailer of Oregano. Eventually, Lothian and Borders Constabulary came a-knocking one night and then the flat was empty for months. Then some Eastern European folk moved in but did a runner. That was when he tried to let it at £650, clearly having believed all those articles in the Evening News about 'Rents Soaring!!!!!' , penned by David Alexander. He hasn't had much luck, bless him. Meanwhile, my LL has only jacked up the rent by £50 in 3 years, gets any repairs done in 24 hours and never bothers with flat inspections. I've been here 3 years, and the folk before me were here about the same.
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