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  1. On BBC News right now, evicting a hearing impaired tenant with a young child, as they asked for repairs. At least his scumbaggery is being brought to a wider audience.
  2. She needs to have a word with my old mum: Broadband: £9.99 BT low use tariff for pensioners TV: £0 (freeview built into telly) Mobile: £7pm on Vodafone, which I pay for her. Transport: Free bus pass covering entire county. No car. My mum worked full time until she was 68, and saved every penny after my folks had paid the mortgage off, as she had reduced NI stamp contributions in the 1970s which affects her pension. She knew it was coming, so she sorted it out herself. I feel sorry for her in respect of her ex ripping her off, but having said that, I would never let anyone else get near my savings/investments. My parents both managed their own pensions and savings, and kept individual bank accounts, and they are older than this woman - it isn't that unusual.
  3. Things are clearly slow, seeing more and more at FP and nice stuff in desirable areas not just dross. Definitely less frothy. This time of year is traditionally slow in Edinburgh, there's normally a mad rush to complete and get moved by the end of September, but time will tell if things are heading down *fingers crossed*
  4. I don't speak for the entire public sector, but as someone in a leadership position, I know that Corbyn and his ilk couldn't run a bath. He'd be out of his depth as a till supervisor in Tesco. However, things are so dire in terms of our funding position that even a couple of years of J McDonnell as Chancellor throwing cash at us is looking tempting. The notion that Corbyn is putting the wind up the rigged market capitalist types, given that opinion polls show no chance of Lab getting anywhere near a majority, is a bit fanciful on behalf of The Grauniad. Other factors at play.
  5. Sad for them. I remember when it was a monument to idiotic speculation and development during a housing crisis, and half empty. Oh.
  6. That's what I don't get. I used to walk past it regularly, and it was pretty grim. I'm unconvinced that Crossrail, or whatever else has gone on around TCR in the last 10-15 years has improved matters. I note that the developers are marketing it as 'Covent Garden', so as to conjure up mental images of opera, and strolling through cobbled squares as a string quartet plays. Rather than electronics shops punting cheap amps.
  7. We're past the tipping point of even upper middle classes being priced out of London, but the Tories are so invested in the chaos of Brexit that they're letting much of domestic policy concerns slide, see also policing and school funding.
  8. Excellent, 99% of properdee's listed 'value' - paid annually. That should sort this kind of nonsense.
  9. I'm really coming round to the idea of empty property confiscation. Buy to leave should not be a thing, nor should wishful thinking by developers.
  10. In the article they claim that they have broken even from sales and renting the commercial space on the ground floor, so will just wait until people come to their senses and pay asking prices *roll eyes*
  11. Looking forward to the London crash, at it will stop idiots coming up to Edinburgh with their mad gainz, and bidding £400k for a 2 bed in Newington.
  12. Just seen this, and it is a hilarious read. They're not entertaining cheeky offers, you know.
  13. Also, there's been massive HPI in the last 15 years, so surely the house is worth far more than they paid for it? So they could sell up, and use their equity as a massive deposit on another place that they can afford? Unless they've been remortgaging to buy cars, extensions, new kitchens and foreign holidays. Whilst on an IO mortgage. Presumably with no repayment vehicle.
  14. The Grauniad were massive rampers of BTL to their middle class readers only a few short years ago. How things change.
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