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  1. [The other thing I have trouble with is the whole houses prices crashing by x% - using your example, and aiming for a 30% drop from £239k would be £160k ish - so offers over £200k is already halfway there - less 10% below asking as you never offer the full, and you're nearly there! Is it really going to be this quick? Or will that last bit take forever? Or should I be thinking that the house this time last year would have been on for 250k instead of 239k, and therefore it's already 50k off from what it would have been at it's height (about 20%) - and I should be aiming for £167k? I've worded i
  2. Been meaning ot say for ages W&S, but I do look forward to your posts with the houses count and really do appreciate you doing the analysis for the rest of us. Am v encouraged by the way things seem to be going in Norwich/Norfolk - somehow makes Rightmove's figs for EA seem even more bizarre! A pair of houses near me have each been reduced from £239K to 'offers over £200K' and am also getting a bit jumpy at the thought of lookign round, but they are just out of my price range, so had better sit tight for a while longer I guess.. Helen
  3. Ref the house in Poole - on Rightmove it's for sale for £850K - on the Channel 4 site, it seems to indicate that it was valued at £765k when she renovated it - unless i'm looking at the wrong house... Bought for: £405,000 Renovation budget: £150,000 Actual spend: £260,000 Valued at: £765,000 Profit: £100,000
  4. I would say stay well away from JSM - as far away as possible in fact! Several friends ended up having to go to the small claims court to get their deposits back and when I left a house the letting agent who checked it beforehand spent nearly 2hours checking the house and then they deducted £50 from my deposit as a cupboard door was in her opinion dirty - having had 2 of us spend about 8 hours each cleaning the entire house from top to bottom i wasn't impressed - but they wouldnt budge. I'd never rent via them again needless to say!
  5. Hi, Am a definite lurker - only 12 posts i think since 2004!! would post more but everyone else on here seems far more clued up than I am on what's going on and would definitely show my ignorance if i posted more. Am a would-be first time buyer and am definitely hoping for a reduction in prices, if not a complete crash as I'll then be able to afford to buy - am in a minority on this site I think as I can't really afford to buy at today's prices and would love my own home - fed up living in a sea of magnolia walls and want some colour! Anyhow, I love the site and reading everyone's posts.
  6. Strangely (or typically) no reporting in both the Eastern Daily Press or Eastern Evening News about these I wonder whether Friday's property section in the EDP will make any reference to a difficult market, or will as usual tell everyone how rosy things are in Norfolk!? Incidently, I've been watching 10 properties in North Walsham - all mid or end Victorian terraces - since 9th Sept - as at today's date, 1 has sold, 1 has been removed from the market and 4 have been reduced - one from £157,500 to £149,500. Certainly seems as if the Telegraph is not too far out in its assertions of the pro
  7. Thanks Catflap for your reply - and sorry for being so cr&ppy at putting links on! think i'll be safer if I stick to reading this site from now on ; ) Helen
  8. makes me wonder just who is buying all the houses with these ratios in the county... also, I can't see that with evidence like that, people could possibly think we are not in a bubble or that this is in any way a good or desirable state of affairs.
  9. Property snake is back!!! (from the pinned thread) Obviously ECN don't know or don't care as it's linking to their Homes24.co.uk website via another directory portal! Looking good again, here's NR1: How good ot see all those reductions and not all small 1% or 2% ones!! have been looking at towns across Norfolk on Hometrack today adn see that for most the last 3 months have had no movement at all in prices - although am v pleased to see the news from Rightmove today - 3% in East Anglia : )
  10. Here's the BBC Look East podcast as well: http://news.bbc.co.uk/player/nol/newsid_69...0811&news=1 I can't get the podcast to work - probably because I'm using my work computer - was the item on Look East good? I caught about 30 seconds of it when they seemed to be filiming people camping in a queue for houses?
  11. Hi, will try and catch Look East and see what's said. I don't normally read the EDP but it always seems to put such a positive spin on any house news in the property section (by what I've read on here) was a v nice change to have a bit of realism! maybe finally it may sink through to some people in Norfolk that paying well over £150K for a weeny little terrace in a rubbish part of town is not a good idea! Helen
  12. http://new.edp24.co.uk/ Hi, anyone seen the EDP today? good article, and on the front page too! Helen
  13. hi everyone in norwich/norfolk i don't post on here too often but i do read the site a lot (in work time that's why i dont' post!!!). I live about 10 miles from norwich, and am ever despairing of ever being able to get on the ladder. Even though I seem to earn below lots of posters on this site, I still earn well in excess of the average for the county but don't seem to be able to afford anything much in the area of my son's school which means I'm consigned to renting and saving. Am ok with that for a while, but seems to have been goin on forever! however, am a definite believer that this can
  14. I'm not sure how to do the link but the story is about what was RAF Coltishall in Norfolk about 2 mins walk from where I live- the local paper has the story - I think there are now about 11 separate lots of people in the queue - they really aren't very nice houses at all, they are finished really badly inside with shelves not fixed/workig in the kitchen and rusting pipes in the bathrooms - but they are WAY cheaper than anything else local. Local paper's website is new.edp24.co.uk. Helen
  15. hi, thanks for advice - very useful indeed! I know other peopl have problems with this particular agent - a friend had to take them to the small claims court before they'd had over deposit! To save too many probs I'm going to have carpets cleaned professionally - quite a reasonable cost so thought it would be good idea and will be worth it if they hand back my money! - am sure agents will find something else to complain about though! am very glad i shan't be dealing with them again!!! Helen
  16. Hi, Thanks for your reply. do you know what would be classified as fair wear and tear after being in the property for two and a half years? With thanks Helen
  17. Hi, I am having a similar issue/problem that I would appreciate some advice on. I have given notice on the house I rent and have been sent a list from the Lettting Agents of what I must do before they will return the deposit. This includes: Having all carpets professionally cleaned Garden must be 'weed free' All marks on walls must be removed and all nails/picture hooks removed, filled and painted over to match exactly. When I moved in, I completed an inventory and included such things that there were marks on the carpets (which hadn't been professionally cleaned), there were lots of pi
  18. I live north of Norwich and I think that there IS some evidence of price falls etc. The village I live in has around 15 houses for sale, the only ones that have sold recently have had around £5 - £10K taken off their asking prices. I will be v interested to see their sold prices once they are online. The above being said, a house has just gone up in the village for £137K - this sold in June 2004 for £107K - all they appear to have done is put a v cheap kitchen in, painted it and put carpets in - will be interesting to see if someone buys it!! Have tried to put link in but not very good at te
  19. I agree re PAYE, but I graduated in 1999 and didn't have to start repaying my student loan till I was earning over £18K. Regarding being declared bancrupt - i've seen various friends take that option, and whilst I do agree that it appears to lift massive weights from people's shoulders, and some banks will grant basic bank accounts almost immediately, it does prevent people doing things e.g. my ex-husband who declared himself bancrupt a couple of years ago, couldnt even get a mobile phone contract! I dont know what sort of people you know Dogbox, but in rural East Anglia it is still as muc
  20. Your son must have done incredibly well to have graduated only 3 years ago, and already be able to afford 130K for a house! What does he do for a living, and does he not have student debts?
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