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  1. LOL - absolutely. And even if they do increase interest rates...it'll be another .25% - whoopdy doo. Bold move.
  2. I also never said there was no downside. Of coure, as investors, there are obvious downsides. Without risk, there's no reward. I see it as my advantage that I can see the same things that other people are seeing (including big business), but not everyone can see it.
  3. The two highlighted sentences contradict one another. If there is no unique quality to the blockchain that a regular database cannot solve, then Ripple and the entire crypto space are worthless and meaningless. You can't say that Ripple have a use case (and I agree with you there) without acknowledging the unique utility of the blockchain. Without the blockchain, Ripple don't have a product. Regular databases are great for the internet of information. You NEED a blockchain for the internet of value. Most people won't wrap their heads around that and just reply with "tulip bubble". Until they understand the idea of VALUE being moved from one place to another on the internet and not information, then the blockchain sounds abstract and boring and they're "not sold on the idea". Nothing new there.
  4. Use cases of the blockchain? There are many, and you can find them if you want....but here, I can Google it for you:- https://www.coindesk.com/information/applications-use-cases-blockchains/ http://uk.businessinsider.com/blockchain-technology-applications-use-cases-2017-9
  5. The blockchain IS THE THING. This is the technology that means we can send ONE instance of data, no double spend. It means we can authenticate without a 3rd party. No need to trust. I don't really like the term "cryptocurrency" - it's meaningless and makes people think of someone buying a coffee with bitcoin. Many business models that use a blockchain have tokens, not "currency". The tokens are designed to pay for services/retrieve data that the blockchain provides. The token is not used outside of the blockchain at all.
  6. From my point of view, being cash rich and understanding cryptos - you can make an absolute TON of money right now. Being cash poor but paying off a mortgage? You're shit out of luck. You're holding an illiquid, overpriced asset that will take 6 months to sell - while crypto investors make enough money to retire in those 6 short months.
  7. You don't understand the blockchain to write the above. If you understood the blockchain and its inherent benefits, you would not write the above. I'm not going to write yet another paragraph listing the various real-world problem-solving benefits of the blockchain - it's just another reminder to spend 5 or 10 minutes researching the blockchain and its various benefits. There's a lot of smart money that's invested in cryptos right now. A lot of big business too. MoneyGram, IBM, AmEx, Santander, Bosch, Volkswagen, etc. Many more big businesses to follow. The blockchain is NOT a "tulip bubble". It is here to stay. It's as significant an invention as the internet. Do NOT think of it only as "digital cash" - it solves many diverse problems that are absolutely zero to do with currencies. Research, research, research.
  8. If you bought any crypto off an exchange (most people), then KYC rules mean your transaction IDs are always matched to your identity.
  9. The crypto market is open to everyone. You just have to :- have a bit of fiat cash you can convert to cryptos be determined to "learn the ropes" (how to buy cryptos, how to store them safely) read up about the blockchain and its real-world benefits to the business world research which tokens so you can hold good coins/tokens that solve real-world problems and have a (potentially) good future ahead of them. Compare that to BTL - much bigger barriers to entry.
  10. I agree with you here. I think BTC or any other crypto as a de facto currency will have to solve this conundrum. However, many many crypto tokens aren't even designed to be currencies - they are just tokens that are utilised inside a specific business model. For example, CVC tokens would be used by those using the CVC blockchain to access data on that blockchain. That token is not designed for buying fish and chips at your local chippy.
  11. Yes for sure - market cap is a misleading number in that respect, but if the total market cap is rising, it surely indicates an overall increase in demand in the crypto market. If the total market cap nearly doubles in 30 days, with many more buyers locked out of the market (they can't join exchanges), clearly there's a huge demand there.
  12. I said that the entire crypto market had increased from $400Bn total market cap 30 days ago to around $700Bn now, not Bitcoin. The entire crypto market and Bitcoin are not the same thing. I just pointed out the total market cap increase as it indicates an increased demand in this market - it's very much a bull market right now, despite a dip in recent days.
  13. OK, so it's a couple of guys trading more between themselves. Somehow it's caught the media's attention. Coinbase were bullshitting when they said they were registering 100,000 new people daily on their exchange. Bittrex, Binance, Kraken - when they said they were not accepting new registrants, more lies. South Korean government getting involved with a small group of nerds swapping files between themselves. Maybe it's a consipracy. All those new projects and tokens, made up vapourware. Whatever makes you feel better.
  14. Look at trade volumes to get an idea of demand. Feel free to think there's not much demand for cryptos, but you're ploughing a lonely furrow with that notion.
  15. 24 hour volumes have been going up commensurately with the market cap rises. If exchanges had more employees, the market cap would probably be over $1Trn - the demand is there, it's just exchanges can't cope with the growth as it is.
  16. For sure, governments always want their share of the pie. This a move to make sure people pay their taxes. The South Korean government will regulate cryptos (legitimise them further) so they get their taxes. The market is already recovering as I type this. As I said in my other comment, if the blockchain had no practical use to governments or business, I would not invest a penny into cryptos. I'd be out of here. As it happens, the Chinese government are using the blockchain to store their documents, and they've invested into cryptos like Vechain. Governments are not stupid. The South Korean government will be using blockchain tech in the future too, because it's human nature to prefer to do things more securely, easier, faster, cheaper. This is a mirror of the internet boom in the mid 90s. The internet was a huge threat to the establishment. It threatened not only established businesses, but also governments. In the end, the better technology is always adopted. Only a backward nation would have banned the internet outright, or investing into internet companies. They would look like the Amish today. Can you imagine if South Korea flat-out banned cryptos? They would destroy their economy. Nobody would touch South Korea with a bargepole. They would look like a backward-thinking nation. There would be riots as the Koreans would see a crypto-ba as essentially destroying their economy. Koreans would look across the sea and watch Japan make them look like a 3rd world country in a few short years. No WAY will South Korea allow that to happen. The government would not want that level of shame. They want to be part of emerging markets, even a front-runner of them. There is a huge rivalry between Asian countries regarding tech. All this FUD is just a government wanting to shake the pockets of investors for taxes.
  17. From what I am seeing, there's way too many people in the market now for it to somehow go quiet for 2 years. There's a lot of projects in development that will significantly improve how businesses work, and so there's a lot of smart money moving into cryptos. Product authentication via the blockchain in pharma / food / alcohol / clothing industries is a good example of how disruptive cryptos will become. There are dozens of other business use-cases, and there are a number of strong teams/tokens vying to succeed in each of those categories. Exchanges can't cope with new registrants (many have shut their doors), with many new exchanges popping up everyday. Even if the USA/Europe somehow "banned" cryptos (I know, I know, not possible to the Nth degree, but basically put people off buying them), it doesn't negate the usefulness of the blockchain. As I've said a few times, technology wins because businesses always want to do things faster and cheaper.
  18. I'm making big profits (realised profit) because I believe in the technology. This is the mid-90s all over again (read: not 2000). We're in a unique time and place. People can feel free to sit on the sidelines. Up to them, I guess.
  19. And you're calling a crash because of a 2 day dip!! Honestly, you come out with random....stuff. You say that this bull run "is done for a few years now". So you think the whole crypto space is entering a 2 year bear market? That doesn't even make sense with how this works. Crypto markets don't even work on that ultra-slow tempo. They have a much faster cadence between bull and bear moves.
  20. We're in a massive bull run now. 30 days ago, the total market cap was $400Bn. Today it's $700Bn. We're in a normal dip now. If the total market cap fell below $400Bn, you can call it a crash. Right now, things are incredibly bullish.
  21. XRP is a utility, a tool. It's a bridge between two fiat currencies. That's what it was designed for. It can have other uses, but its core utility is to help settle cross-border payments quickly and cheaply. If it can achieve its job well, it has a great future. There's not too much to say about XRP apart from that.
  22. BTC had a good 2017. Up 1376%. If XRP had only gone up 1376% in 2017, its price would have been around 15c at the end of 2017. It was $2.20 at the end of 2017 and had gone up 22,000%. Let's just say, both coins had a great 2017 and leave it at that.
  23. This is the may fly's view of trading cryptos - if a coin goes down for 2 days, it's over. XRP is still x7.5* in the last 30 days, and is WAY WAY oversold at the moment, so it's prepping to break $3 on the next wave of good news and consolidate between $3 to $4. Good buying opportunity now for you guys who love to day trade. *for BTC to x7.5 in the last 30 days, the price would be £127,500. If BTC was £127,500, would you say that BTC had had its 15 mins?
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