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  1. Foreign Secretary who thinks Lima is in the Philippines, no surprise really.
  2. And conversely infection rates are much higher. As others have said a more important figure is the percentage of Covid-19 sufferers receiving ICU treatment when required.
  3. Have a look at this. Comparison of death notices in Bergamo, last month versus last week... Anyone thinking this is no worse than seasonal flu is seriously deluded.
  4. Yep, not just operational staff either. I effectively work for Airbus and am bricking it
  5. Exactly, regular flu kills around 1 in 1000 sufferers. Current figures from Italy have 1 death for every 15 cases.
  6. A very worrying read.... https://www.itv.com/news/2020-03-11/italy-doctors-coronavirus-covid-19-quarantine-milan-health/
  7. And the award for bump of the decade goes to...
  8. Airbus' order backlog is massive. No way will they be planning to reduce production capacity in Europe. https://www.airbus.com/newsroom/press-releases/en/2018/01/airbus-commercial-aircraft-delivers-record-performance.html
  9. There's only 50 minutes more daylight in London compared to Glasgow at this time of year, and you get the benefit in the summer. Plus as Billy Connolly said, there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes...
  10. Deary me Merryn... https://moneyweek.com/478619-2/#disqus_thread
  11. Indeed. I only just got rid of the wife's 15 year old Civic, while I commute daily in an 11 year old Avensis. 140,000 on the clock and still running well (touch wood). When I started driving in the 80s there were hardly any 10 year old cars on the road. Improved reliability was always going to result in sales of new cars tailing off...
  12. So Wilson's now made headline news and it turns out he's a bit of a c**t. Who'dathunkit?...
  13. Just to add a rare positive anecdote, my 20 year interest only term ended last week when the endowment policy matured and paid the mortgage off with a small surplus too. Nobody was more surprised at this than me right enough. However I appreciate that as bad a press as endowments have got they're not in the same league of recklessness as having no repayment vehicle whatsoever, as mentioned in the above post.
  14. 30 seats for the SNP the new mandate?... https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/scots-to-back-independence-referendum-if-snp-leads-poll-gz8tl5t2f
  15. There's not a lot of logic in Scottish politics at the moment. Many commited Remainers are prepared to vote for a hard Brexit rather than the SNP.
  16. Doubt it. Remember at the 2014 referendum the SNP only had 6 MPs.
  17. Indeed. News of a cunning plan to blow up the Chunnel 20 years before it was built is somehow construed as being Brexit relevant
  18. Determining Scotland's GDP is not that straightforward... http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2017/03/15/more-on-why-gers-might-properly-be-called-crap-data/ Merryn said similar 3 years ago... http://archive.is/79Xot
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