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  1. Magic 15 - have to admit though that some see this a strong buy tipped to outperform market over the next 12 months. Tempting... Again, things look too volatile - low cost of oil will have an impact on other oil producing countries heavily dependent on exports i.e. news today re Nigeria. Perversely, this may also mean more capital inflow into London property market. WALFEW.
  2. I think it just shows how volatile things are - no healthy company sees its share fluctuate by this much in a single day. It's a reflection of the London housing market - scared and fragile.
  3. Wonder what happens when they reitalate as we all know they will In other words, the moment at which fecal matter hits the spinning blades of an electric fan
  4. Rouble-farthing or am I too late for this? As some say - he who laughs last laughs longest?!
  5. Has been rising over the past few days probably due to SDLT reductions but is being bashed this morning!
  6. Actually it's a 2 bed, one being a small cupboard rather than a full sized bedroom. I would have thought it needs another 40 to 50k to renew the lease considering only 61 years are left and will be 59 by the time the right to extend is acquired. As I said various EAs couldn't shift it at 300K!!!
  7. This had been up for sale for at least 4 months through various EAs at £300K. It then went to auction as noone was able to shift it at that price! http://catalogue.auctions.savills.co.uk/london-national/Previous-Auctions/#&&s=2
  8. Shared Ownership - no crash ---- Good Afternoon The price that is shown is the price it sells for. No offers are accepted. You would also need to be registered and accepted for shared ownership scheme. The Resales Department -----Original Message----- Hi All, Just to clarify this is in reference to a resale on Bubble Road, London One last question if I may as I am not familiar with shared ownership. Given the recent cooling off of the housing market and the fact that similar properties on this road have sold for 500-600K (a very similar bay fronted house and no. 7 in particular sold fo
  9. I just can't see how high house prices are good for the economy, maybe am short-sighted, but all I can see is social devide and exclusion. For all its great opportunities and what have you London is essentially a failed city, failing its young with their right to work, start a family and provide a roof over their heads.
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