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  1. What is the name of a specialist btl furniture supplier ?! I m in Clapham and I don’t think these exist!!
  2. Which broker did you use for second hand cars? I would also like to hear your view on getting a two year old very high mileage car versus a four year old low mileage car? My view has always been new and high mileage is better than older and low mileage but would like to know
  3. It is six years from the date when you first were aware or you could reasonably have been aware. How does that apply in this case exactly?
  4. How much was the deposit and how many multiples did you get in the end?
  5. Is 6.6 rent today / price paid in 2010 ? Or rent today / current price 6.6% is not bad at all
  6. What was the sticker price and what was your rent - Would be keen to understand yield on this property that investors are chasing
  7. Having been an it contractor myself I was not surprised that they did this. Ir35 was just a joke and many people were taking the piss. Go to any bank and you have massive number of contractors who had been there for years upon years milking the system this has stopped all contracting in finance full stop and people are now paying the right tax.
  8. What some people forget to realise is that servicing a 1MM mortgage at 1.23% cost 1K a month. These are real numbers from a real person not just cheap talk I hope there is a correction but many people can afford to pay the 1K a month no matter how bad the economy goes Buying at any time is good IF you get a good deal - That normally means probates or eager sellers going through divorces where you need to spruce up the house
  9. So basically a miserable Christmas that hpc has been bed wetting for years for😂. And still no hpc
  10. This is just newspapers wanting a story. No way London dropped 34% unless you mean Knightsbridge prime prime rentals
  11. See my post above which was more precise - What about those LLs who DID agree rent reductions with their tenants - Did they have to - No - But they did it Surely the tenant knew what they were signing - Its their business after all? Should the LL have bankrupted them and forced them to pay full rent I want a HPC as much as anyone else - I dont want tenants screwing the system and causing anarchy for rentals which we all need.
  12. amazing how twisted you can think Yes LLs have stolen the house you were going to buy - Not the other way round - The LLs have provided accomodation for flexible living Insane
  13. Yes sausage you are And he is in his rights to bankrupt you for not paying to clean the oven tray which had two brown marks on it when you vacated .... It goes both ways - Keep going you are winning
  14. Yes when you put it like that I understand - The tenant did not change the lightbulb therefore I as a landlord am the victim so can charge for an electrician £250 The tenant wants to leave earlier then the notice but the contract says she cant so as a LL you should NOT allow them to do that If you want to play games I can put forward the case for a LL to also really take the piss... Most LLs do not and are sympathetic - From this website most tenants treat the ability to rent as some soft of hostile battle and feel they are giving free money away to the LL. WHen I compared it to cars and hiring from the airport I didnt get much of an answer Keep thinking the world is better without LLs
  15. My point about lightbulb is that many landlords don’t charge the full amount. They let tenants leave the co tract early. They put damage which is deductible down to wear and tear. They act in a generally pleasant and fair way. if tenants are going to scrutinise the paperwork and check whether the gas certificate was really signed at the right minute and hour then landlords should also be expected to not be sympathetic and to demand their pound of flesh. that was my point about the lightbulb change costing £250 if LLS flee it does not mean everyone gets houses for free. I wish jealous people would stop being so Moronic. Some people don’t want to own or can’t afford to own. Maybe HAs can buy them for free but what makes you think they know how to maintain them. Have you ever seen the auctions. Full of housing association properties that look ancient and not well kept. look at what the councils did over the last few years. Invest in Comerica real estate. What makes you think they would be good landlords
  16. If thats the case then landlords should also not be whipped when they jack up the rent after 6 months and charge for every scratch .... You know most landlords offer a service and try to be fair - They give you keys for an asset worth 100sKs and expect the rent to be paid that was agreed before you moved in. Some chancers want to game the system and claim 3x deposit for no certificate thats fine - But then when landlords charge 250 for changing a lightbulb please dont cry here... Cant you see what happens if LL flee the market - FTBs do not step in - Mass homeslessness of people who cannot or do not want to buy
  17. So Ona 5.5 billion investment returns 165 before costs and before fx moves in that context 4% is not bad going is it https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/ng-interactive/2020/oct/18/revealed-sheikh-khalifas-5bn-london-property-empire However, documents seen by the Guardian suggest Khalifa’s holdings are worth almost five times that. In 2005 alone the sheikh spent £1bn on five properties, according to court filings. By 2015, the portfolio had swelled in value to £5.5bn with annual rental income of £160m.
  18. Very helpful thanks. I have to say I think equities will tank with all the COVID problems I think the economy is going to get hammered and I am paying down my mortgage ASAP rather then trying to chase a return
  19. Very nice thanks for sharing Just a final question - Which SIPP platform are you using and are you sticking to ishares / vanguard sort of ETFs?
  20. So you more then triped your pension in ten years? From 80 to 300?? Seriously?
  21. Yes lets stay on topic Can you give us an idea of the yield and whether the house is freehold? Or if you prefer the current rent / expected sale price Would be nice to know what sort of yield he was after - I have a feeling it will be low!
  22. Wow that is impressive - I thought you were going to say IT contractor and the Ltd tax fiddle but that is interesting - What did you do with the cash?? BTLs or something else and is the working market for you comletely terrible? Have you retired
  23. not great but equally not awful I have seen examples of 1.5M house struggling to be let out for 3K a month - Go figure what the gross yoeld is in that case. 2%
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