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  1. Quickly !!!!!!!! Buy one get one reduced Are you thinking of buying a new home or purchasing for investment? At Carlton House we are offering 12.5% discount for bundles of 2 or more apartments. Prices from £849,950 Plot Asking Revised Sqft 4.01 £880,000 £880,000 828 6.01 £870,000 £849,950 828 7.03 £902,500 £899,950 831 7.05 £910,000 £899,950 841 9.01 £980,000 £980,000 861 Ready to move into 999-year leasehold London skyline views Floor to ceiling windows and private balconies Residents roof terrace and concierge 2 mins to East Putney Station for District Line You can visit our website to see full property details and to arrange a viewing Contact us Stan Ennor-Glynn Head of International Residential Sales Middle East +971 50 875 0007 Contact Stan Clementine Malim Associate International Residential Middle East +971 50 558 2853 Contact Clementine
  2. Has it taken you 13 years to pay 15% of the house valuation? Seriously??
  3. cant he just publish an executive summary white paper - You know like most other industries to rather than insisting on listening to him talking probably about garbage
  4. This thread amazes me for how stupid some people can be if after your fixed term your luv has changed 5hat will affect your product transferor remortgage options. If you are in negative equity you obviously can’t go to another bank. instead you won’t qualify for any product transfer deals and will sit on the svr rate they use an index to wrk out the new house valuation rather than surveying it again
  5. Very interesting - Hackney is a great spot - Do you have a link?
  6. This is not about a fund manager losing money. This is about an experienced fund veteran claiming to be a star blowing up a fund due to poor risk management and liquidity issues and suspending trading of the fund if the fund was down 10-15% that would be bad but to blow up and not be able to meet redemptions is fatal
  7. I would be very interested to know the rental price you are achieving and whether you used an agent and what the gross yield is.
  8. Has anyone called the agent to find out how this is structured and what it involves?
  9. Royal Bank of Scotland paid contractors almost £400 a day to stuff envelopes, according to the Press Association. The bank said the people were hired for more skilled jobs, but were used as "short-term support" on "a limited number of occasions". It refused to say how many contractors had helped out with secretarial work. But RBS - which is 62% taxpayer-owned after its emergency bailout in the financial crisis - is estimated to have wasted thousands of pounds, says PA. Contractors who worked at the RBS offices in Manchester in certain periods last year and this year told the Press Association they were paid £330 pounds a day - excluding VAT - to help with mundane tasks such as sending PPI letters to customers. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46174269
  10. Also worth adding that I am not even sure what the Foxtons business model is - They used to be selling expensive multi million pound houses for discerning time poor clients Nowadays they are peddling council estate garbage just like winkworth and Bairstow eves - Indeed the expensive properties are now dealt with by Knight Frank or Savills and people tend to avoid Foxtons completely
  11. No one has mentioned that this low share price is in spite of FTSE 100 being at all time high and equity valuations being very high. The london market has almost stopped - I dont see much selling anymore in the area I monitor
  12. There are plenty of stupid people in the world. I would not be suprised if people did this or took out bridging finance at 1.5% a month. Suicide
  13. where is the evening standard article showing house price falls?!
  14. This is one of the best posts I have seen for a very long time!
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