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  1. Something seems to have triggered action from the Czech Republic as it abandons its currency cap versus the Euro http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-06/czech-central-bank-ends-currency-cap-floats-koruna
  2. So they put in housing costs and come to the same answer of 2.3% as CPI and CPIH give the same number! I do hope there will be some analysis of this around......
  3. Apparently she is staying for a while. Perhaps they hope we will forget her lies and she can stay at the Bank of England
  4. Has Charlotte Hogg actually gone or is she voting today at the Bank of England?
  5. Thanks for the link and this bit does seem to cover what the Financial Times had written
  6. All of these moves were house price favourable but there was another subsidy provided for the banks that as ever was badged as being for small business lending but was in fact likely to find its way into the housing market. This is the Term Funding Scheme. The Term Funding Scheme (TFS) is designed to reinforce the transmission of Bank Rate cuts to those interest rates actually faced by households and businesses by providing term funding to banks at rates close to Bank Rate So far it has provided some £31.37 billion of cheap funding to UK banks, which no doubt wil
  7. Interesting as I remember the Financial Times publishing what was in effect the Savills house view only a couple of months ago. " Rents in Britain will rise steeply during the next five years as a government campaign against buy-to-let investing constrains supply, estate agencies have forecast. " Back on November 3rd I think.
  8. Have others seen the inflation data from Spain earlier. It has risen to 3%!
  9. I saw a mention on Twiiter that RPIX has risen to 2.7%
  10. I see that Italy has been downgraded tonight by the DBRS agency.
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