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  1. It's down to choice. You can either have a flash car, holidays abroad, sky, loads of expensive nights out, smoke, etc etc. or save up and buy a house or flat.
  2. People are getting married later. So, they are settling down later. How many young people do you know who forgoe going out clubbing for saving up for a deposit? How many do not own a mobile phone, an ipod etc. Times have changed, expectations have changed. If you spend all your money on having fun then you won't afford a deposit. It's fairly simple really.
  3. Why do FTB's (FIRST time buyers) expect to buy the average property? It makes no sense to me. The average person should buy the average property - ie someone on their 2nd/3rd move.
  4. some ex LA stuff is really nice and really good value (relatively)
  5. SW11 must be called something else as it doesn't fit the alphabetical thing.
  6. SW central London is expensive, SW3, SW1 etc. Did you know that the numbers are alphabetical! 1= Belgravia 2=? 3=Chelsea 4= Clapham 5=Earls Court 6=Fulham 7=Kensington 8=?? 9=?? 10= Hamersmith 11= ? 12=? 13=? 14=? 15=Putney 16=? 17=? 18=Wandsworth 19=Wimbledon 20=W Wimbledon Some one tried to navigate round London by the numbers! thought they were in order.
  7. No probs. I have a friend who lives in Kennington and when she moved there she sent out these funny change of Address cards saying she'd moved to Kensington with the s crossed out and replaced with an n and the SW7 changed to SE11 and a "shurely shume mistake", so I remember it well. It's St Ockwell by the way!
  8. Sometimes, you just have to get on with life. We are moving, maybe not the best time but only time will tell.
  9. Isn't Kennington South East London? South East London is cheap isn't it? Not SW London, SW Londoin is expensive.
  10. Shock horror! 75% of population think it is better to buy than rent, major shift in sentiment. House prices will rise for ever, we are all doomed. ....................................until you see there are only 4 replies!
  11. Maybe - but they aren't really much worse than any other EA. My daughter has a friend who's Dad is an EA and he didn't pass on offers on a place as he wanted it for his mother. it's rife, that's why everyone hates them. We nearly got talked into paying well over asking on a property, as it happens we would have made a profit but the tactics were too high pressure for us.
  12. Wouldn't the programme make you more likely to give your property to Foxtons to sell? it's pretty clear that they are organised as a highly motivated sales team which is what you want i someone is selling something? isn't it? What's the difference between their approach and that auctioneer who "took bids off the wall" in that property programem where the 2 scouse women bid against each other? Agents are always saying "there's another interested party" when they mean that someone else has viewed a property and said it's quite nice. EA's are sales people, that's their job. Why is anyone surprised? There were elements last night which were criminal (fraudulent) such as bribes and forging passports. EDIT - she spent 6 months on that investigation but only 2 and a half employed - what was she doing for the rest of the time?
  13. Another of your charming small minded posts. Oh we are so lucky that you are allowed to post on here, what would we do without you?
  14. Er whch makes you look what exactly? Do you ever post anything other than abuse and pathetic griping?
  15. If you have a good landlord, most people would prefer to pay a small increase (3%) than have the hassle of moving, paying for new credit checks etc. In my experience.
  16. Why will it take 2 years for your parents to get planning consent? It should take 8 weeks.
  17. The green mini guys valued our property (along with 4 other EAs) and they were 40% above the next one. I said I thought they were wrong, as the last price paid was about 60% of what they were saying. He very quickly changed his valuation to the figure I gave but it was ridiculous. I said I wouldn't give it to them as they did not have any market understanding (or clearly any time to research). Interestingly, I had to wait a week to get them round as they were too busy. Anyone remember it was them who sere at the centre of that fake board scam.
  18. FF If you read my post again, I am not advocating that I hold that view, I am just pointing out to the people who are complaining that there is no difference between the two types and if THEY want to get angry they should be just as angry with the type 1's. I am personally very happy with the type 1's. I might even be one. GU edited to take the first reply out
  19. You cannot differentiate between the 2 types, they are exactly the same, it's just that the type 1's started before the type 2's and the timing of the type 1's has been better. It is the type 1's who are able to MEW out equity to build their portfolios. If you want to get angry, get angry with the type 1's who are the entrepreneurs who started the whole BTL thing.
  20. They can only take the house if you either fail to pay the interest, or at the end of the IO period, fail to pay the principal back. You can take an IO for wahetever period you chose and the loan is secured against the house. So if you took it for 10 years and at the end could not pay back the loan, the bank would sell the house. If they got less than the loan, you would owe the differnce. If you did not have it you could declare yourself bankrupt.
  21. Well for what it's worth, there were 4 houses for sale in my road. They all sat around for a year and now, so far this year, one is sold, one is under offer and one has been withdrawn. One is left for sale.
  22. So all the BTL LL's form LTD co's if they haven't already.
  23. IO is fine on a rising market, We got an IO about 10 years ago and are now changing it to repayment. Should have done it earlier but just too lazy/busy.
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