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  1. Some EA's are fine. We just got shafted on the place we were trying to buy when the seller pulled out. the EA has actually been really helpful and it seems a shame they will get nothing. Others are just crap.
  2. Hmmmmm Wimbledon. Prices rising and vendors extorting extra money, could this be another London Landlady alias?? Looks like one Sounds like one ?
  3. Well we lost a property last week. It was new on and we offered 10% below, then 8%, 5% and then before we could offer any more it was under offer somewhere near asking.
  4. The one that sold for 648, was it by any cahnce a corner plot? and has it now been turned into flats? That is one explanation.
  5. Well I listened to all the hype on here and we duly put our place up for sale at a realistic asling price (10% over last price 2 years ago). Swamped with offers above asking so we took it off and put it on again higher. Guess what, swamped again and have now accepted an offer and there are still people trying to gazump. However, the downside is that the place we are trying to buy is on at 20% over last price paid 6 months ago and we have offered 95% of asking and been told where to go. Plus 2 friends who had their places on for a year (way too high IMO) have both just sold. Sad but true the HPC has been delayed or cancelled.
  6. Crikey that's terrifying - rammed? was it people desperate to buy houses or flats or was it people annoyed with the EA. Was there glass everywhere? Was anyone hurt or killed?
  7. Free period? Whay are you so utterly obsessed with TTRTR? Is it hero worship?
  8. It takes very little to create a situation where people outbid each other. We have just offered on a place which is on at 20% over last price achieved, it is very overpriced and needs masses of work. We offered 10% less than asking (or 10% over last price) and were rejected immediately.
  9. One of the reasons that people went into BTL was they saw their pensions absolutely decimated due to the stock market collapsing. Plus, many of the boomers had endowment mortgages which also went belly up. They went into property as it was in their view safer than the stock market. When you get angry about some of them making profits thay may also have lost quite a chunk of pensions as well.
  10. It looks like an example where the tenants have been given notice and don't want to move out.
  11. I can't work out whether you have penalties for redeeming the 5 or 10 year fixed mortgages early. My view is that I would prefer to have certainty so go for a longer term fixed. However, if you have early repayment penalties, work out how much interest rates would need to drop before it made sense to cahne to a different mortgage.
  12. I think it's Loan To Value - ie how highly geared someone is. edit typo
  13. Must have finished your homework early tonight.
  14. If you take out some insurance, you can cover the repayments. Also, if house prices drop, so will interest rates.
  15. Are Foxton's on Rightmove? Well done keeping track like this -it's interesting to look at.
  16. The value of a property is usually calculated as 20 x gross rent. That is a 5% yield.
  17. The savings you put on the stock market are only a small proportion of the house value. If you rent, that is rquivalent of paying an IO mortgage except at the end of 25 years you do not have the capital gains. Rents in 25 years will be how much? who knows?
  18. Agree One of the groups which gets a lot of flak on here are those who bought property 10 years ago, or rather bought more than one property. Quite a few managed to buy a second propety by mortgaging their own home. At the time it was considered a risk as property was not seen as a good investment. Yes of course with hindsight it was a good time to buy but at the time it wasn't seen as a good idea. The people who bought then were taking a risk and it paid off. It's unfair but that is what happens. You could argue that it's unfair that someone like Alan Sugar has made a fortune without going to uni when other people who worked hard and are now saddled with student debt have done less well. Life is not fair, it never has been and it never will be, You just have to try and give it your best shot. ? Broken up early or just playing truant today?
  19. Isn't one of the main problems with "moving up the ladder" the stupid level of stamp duty?
  20. We had this discussion recently and wondered why vthere is a huge trend for people to buy new houses rather than the older ones. It seems that people just can't be hassled to do work and when there are loads of Polish builders to come and do the work it is usually easier and quicker to employ someone.
  21. Brilliant post. Completely right - it was totallly wrong of me to generalise & I apologise. Welcome
  22. Where's TTRTR when you need him! (SW18 = Wandsworth)
  23. I know what you mean and it is wrong to generalise. However, in my opinion there is a far higher expectation amongst younger people about property nowadays. If you watch any of those property progs where they repaint and move furniture, all the buyers come back and say "ooh isn't it nice now" and it really isn't rocket science to turn a dingy place into a bright new place. We have always done our own decorating, and fitted in kitchens and done loads of work as we couldn't afford somewhere all done for us. Could you have bought 5 years ago?
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