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  1. People talk about 2003/2004 as the peak in London, before the flattening off for 2/3 years and before the rises - from 2006.
  2. So you think that 100% of the population should be able to own their own home as soon as they start work? what complete rubbish. It has never been like that and it never will be. Yawn yawn. So the poor old people who bought 5 years ago or 10 years ago were insane? I don't think that they would agree with you.
  3. or maybe they are busy putting money where their mouths are instead of posting incorrect wish lists on here. banks don't use 3 x earnings much they use affordability. Where are you anyway?
  4. ?100k and can't afford a house? what does she want - Buckingham palace?
  5. Why do you say they are priced out? there is a poll on here showing 45% earn over 40k
  6. isn't there a song about "The wise man built his house upon the rock.......The foolish man built his house upon the sand"? it's a bit the same with BTL - build it on rock (daved up) or sand (mew)
  7. HO HO HO It's a typo for gawd's sake! witty riposte though
  8. Why would they care? A bank lends against an asset. If the loan is paid - that's fine If the loan is defaulted on, the bank reposesses the property. If the loan is 70-80% of the property value their risk is minimal. They are a business - they don't care where the money comes from
  9. I think the HPC residenta are a good sample because there does seem to be a high proportion of renters. Waiting .................. more and more impatiently
  10. BTL is based on the following typical figures: Bank lends 70-80% of value of property Rent must be 130% of loan repayments Do they look at income? If you have a 20% desposit, the banks would probably give you a BTL mortgage
  11. Well they are supposed to be the poor priced out FTB's as bulls get banned eventaully.
  12. It may be nad but it's what's happening. We lost a place which we offered 5% under asking and the asking price was 20% over last price paid. Someone else offered full asking.
  13. Disagree That poll shows 83% of people on HPC earn over 20k and 45% over 40k and 20% over 60k. Of course they can afford to buy somewhere. They just choose not to.
  14. Yeah, what's 30k - nothing compared to the huge losses people are promised when HPC rukes OK
  15. Renter class is not necessarily derogatory - it could mean those very clever STR people who are sitting back counting their huge profits from selling up in 2003. I'm sure we all know one, they had that smug look on their faces. We keep getting letters through our letter box from EA's saying "Mr & Mrs X are looking for a house in your road and they have 25% deposit and are sitting in rented accomodation................" ooh we feel sooooooooo sorry for them. Time to add 10% on te hasking price again.
  16. On this poll don't you need an under 10k band and also a more than 150k? over 100k is a bit broad really it should be 100-150 and >150
  17. I'm sorry but I think you are comppletely wrong. You really underestimate the difference that a newly painted place and new kitchen makes. We have always tried to buy something which looks superficialy grotty as you always get a massive discount. Tidy it up and resell for a hefty profit. There are so many property programmes and new build places available that is what people expect. Time poor and cash rich. Why don't you go and have a look at it? I'll bet she's done kitchen, bathroom and painted everywhere magnolia. Probably furnished in wood/neutral.
  18. 250k barrier - has been exceeded Watch - I reckon it will sell for anywhere between 300-330
  19. Sorry but you have missed the point completely about the 250k barrier. It's hard to sell a property for more than 250 if it's a little over (say 2560) but once it gets over 250, and it is obviously over, it leaps up. Your buyer has spent just enough to make it look well above 250 and so she will be able to get a good price - if it's on for 335 she will probably take an offer at 300 This forum is so wrong - I thought things were cooling off and so put our property on at a realistic price - got so many offers we withdrew it and put it on at a higher price. It's under offer again, very near to the new asking price! Unfortunately, you have just learnt the hard way.
  20. it's a really bad time to buy at the moment as sentiment is very positive and things are being snapped up. Winter is the best time to buy and worst to sell.
  21. Well it's not hapening here. We lost the place we were buying and now anything we try & offer on (at say 10% under asking) we lose to higher bidders. It's a real pain.
  22. There must be a sliding scale - 1% is way too high for a very expensive property. Say 1% on a property up to 250k and 1/2 a % over 250k
  23. Does this mean that we will get new moderators who allow real discussion? Also, I read somewhere that the owners of HPC also own Housepriceboom! sort of hedging ones bets! Maybe webmaster will use the sale proceeds to buy a house!
  24. Hmmm how odd is this? I suggest that the guy above is a London Landlady alias and lo and behold a brand new bull appears. Joined today How Strange?
  25. So, if you bought 3 years ago, surely this would be a good time to bank that profit? and join the other STR's who sold 3 year's ago and have er............ now let me see...................................
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