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  1. I have been giving this a lot of thought recentlty as nothing seems logical any more. Do you all think that possibly the only reason we have continued HPI is due to stamp duty? The thinking being that someone feels they must sell a place for at least what they paid, but in their mind what they paid includes stamp duty? Stamp duty has really rocketed in the past few years as dear Mr Brown keeps increasing the percentages.
  2. I soppose I would prefer not to move twice and also am not convinced we are at the top of the market - we may be we might not. I would prefer the risk of owning something which will go down and then recover than to sit in a rented place and watch the prices going up.
  3. If it is the top then we will be selling and buying at the top - not a huge problem as the prices are the same.
  4. Not rude at all. I don't think we are making the same mistake as this time we intend to sell and then buy. If the worst did come to the worst, then we would rent out the first place which would cover the mortgage. In 1988 the rent would not have touched the mortgage.
  5. Having actually been through the 1988 crash I would say it feels exactly the same. We ended up bridging - which was a stupid mistake. It cost a bit but we did sell our other place within a year but we had done it up and we might as well have sold it un-done up a year earlier. We are trying to buy & sell at the moment and it is an absolute nightmare. We keep losing things we are trying to buy and having endless hold ups on the property we are selling (buyer number 4 shortly to be replaced with buyer number 5). We had this in 1988 - kept losing propertties either because people took them off the market or we were gazumped. Ended up paying full asking price on our place and it then fell 15% Not that it was a problem as we stayed put. However, if the interest rates had stayed at 15% it would have been a different story. Everyone I know in property (surveyors etc) say it is not the same as the economy is different, interest rates are low etc. Only time will tell.
  6. They are on primelocation (or at least they used to be)
  7. Not really greedy. A house sold in April 05 for 5% less than the price they are asking and so now they are asking what was paid in 2005.
  8. I don't think London prices are moving again tehre are loads of people sitting in rented accomodation and buyers are being very picky. There were 4 houses in our road for sale, since Jan 2005 and only 1 sold (the cheapest). One was withdrawn after 2 price cuts & the other 2 are still on with 8% off the price. Admittedly another house sold for 3 times the average but it has never appeared on the land reg statistics and it was a pretty amazing house.
  9. In my road there were 4 houses for sale. The cheapest one sold and one was taken off the market after a year and reducing the price by 20% (in 2 goes) 2 are now leftt, both with joint agents and both have reduced prices by 10% and still for sale. (There are around 100 houses in the street)
  10. Some boroughs went down last year notably Merton and it was on the TV with a load of stuff about Nelson having lived there.
  11. It said it fell 6.7% that's fairly significant. Must be some grotty area.
  12. Well that's been our experience. We are on our 4th buyer having gone from an offer in 48 hours and loads of other offers in January to now where we do have a buyer but it's very slow. However, the place we were buying went wrong as well with the vendor backing out and then another place we tried to buy we got gazumped. So far we have spent a shedload and have made zero progress.
  13. I am absolutely hacked off. We were all set to move and it has gone pear shaped. Prices seem to be crazy and the EA says we need to act quickly in this market which unfortunately is proving the case. The number of people who are cash buyers is mad. Th place we lost it now transpires that the people buying it are also selling their place through teh same EA so that's why they managed to get in ahead of us.
  14. I'm not sure what is happening. We are buying & selling and both sides have gone horribly wrong. We have lost 2 places we were buying one gazumped the other the vendor pulled out. The place we are selling is now on it's third buyer and it sems to be going OK but it's so slow.
  15. You can apparently tick a box on the form saying you don't want the information made public. Also, if it is sold as a company it won't appear (shares in company wil be sold not teh property) I've been waiting 9 months to see a property in our road appear but I don't think it ever will now.
  16. CIUW makes his posts before he goes into lessons. Obviously he has a detention today or he would post in his lunch period.
  17. It was interesting that almost every hotspot they chose (I think) was a university loaction. They did not mention the impact of possible reductions in student numbers, or more likely, students chosing to go to uni near to home. However, I don't think you can compalin about P&K as they did say "may", "mght" "could" which also means may not, might not and could not.
  18. They probably bought the second home for cash - no mortgage. There are loads of people with spare cash - we went into a local EA to ask if they had anything to do up - they just laughed us out and said they had so many people on their books - al cash - that there was no point us registering! And another thing - which is worse, people who have kids at 18 and are grandparents at 36 or people who have kids in their mid 30's - once they have saved up and bought a house?
  19. what planet are you on? When have house prices ever dropped 95%? You really do need to wake up to reality.
  20. RUBBISh Most BTL's are doing it instead of their pensions - they don't give a toss about shprt term gains. What has happened to Crash is underway and his ridiculous signature showing your losses? Did he ever update it to show how much you have gained this year? or did he get banned (oh I wish!)
  21. This programme was made when? 3-6 months ago? It was quiet then and it most certainly is not now. We had some friends selling their house in Chelsea & it was on for a year & they have just sold it - same story where we live (London) and we just got outbid on a pretty ordinary semi which was on at 20% over last price paid and it needed a shedload of work.
  22. We were gazumped just recently - it is back unfortunately. there was a programme on last night, house Doctor, who went on and on about a stagnant market, a slow market etc. The programme must have been made 3 -6 months ago because it is all a lot more heated now. The thing we got gazumped on was only on the market 2 weeks.
  23. It's not the 3 bed semi that's a problem it's the location. We jut got gazumped on a 3 bed semi and it was 650 That's good old London for you.
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