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  1. Yes Yes I want to buy everyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyything Please sell me more more more Yes you can reply!
  2. I think it has to be in the Title words - either that or I posted my thread in the wrong area! quite possible.
  3. It has all gone very odd where I live. More and more houses are coming on but at really crazy prices (30-50% higher per square foot than last price achieved!!) The agents keep saying they are short of stock but yet they all seem to have exactly the same number of properties as before or mayme a few more?
  4. This is peverse. I think that any thread which has G oo G ** in the title pings over to the "about HPC" area
  5. BTL LL's can offset expenses against income. They can offset the interest part of a mortgage but not the repayment. This is why so many BTL motgages are IO
  6. I would NOT buy in spring and summer - everything goes crazy - wait until the winter - the HIPS factor will mean loads of property coming on the market and you could get a bargain DO NOT BUY when the sun is shining - you will overpay
  7. My other half says that if the stock market crashes, people invest in property. I don't agree so we have just pulled out of buying somewhere.
  8. It's difficult to advise - prices may go down or up. You won't know until it has happened and you look back. However, look at the cost of a repayment mortgage, what you can buy and weigh that up against rent. Winter is a better time to buy than Spring as people who put their houses on in the spring and failed to sell will be getting a bit desperate. Depending on what you want to buy, maybe you could pick up an ex-BTL wher the LL is looking to take their profit and not bothered about moving "up the ladder" I think you need a ceratin minimum income for a Premier account.
  9. In my experience the attitude of the tennant is completely dependent on the relationship with the landlord. For example, if the LL has always repaired things quickly without a fuss and is helpful, the tenants are much more likel;y to co-operate with viewings. The issue of the deposit is that if the tennants are uncooperative it will take longer to get their deposit back and they know that. Generally, it is best to try and have a good relationship between T & LL and all will end happily.
  10. Gardening 1. Perth Australia 2. Bletchley United Kingdom 3. Melbourne Australia 4. Seattle, WA USA 5. London United Kingdom 6. Brentford United Kingdom 7. Brisbane Australia 8. Portland, OR USA 9. Salt Lake City, UT USA 10. Dublin Ireland Bletchley's there again Architects 1. Dublin Ireland 2. Bletchley United Kingdom 3. London United Kingdom 4. New York, NY USA 5. Boston, MA USA 6. Brentford United Kingdom 7. Edinburgh United Kingdom 8. San Francisco, CA USA 9. Seattle, WA USA 10. Melbourne Australia
  11. Not sure how accurate the google thing is-Bletchley seems to come up whatever you put in (I put in convent!)
  12. Talking of spin - either Sunday Times or Saturday telegraph stating that "almost half agents thought there was an increase in demand for rental properties"............................ which means that over half did not! Typical!
  13. My kid has a saturday job in a local EA and said this Saturday was the quietest they have ever been - only 3 viewings and 3 registrations.
  14. This whole thread sounds like a wind up to me. Who in their right minds would sell a house at 85k below market value? There are endless statistics available to work out what the last price paid was and it really is not rocket science. Then terrified works in an EA, then she resigns???? Come on guys - don't feed the troll.
  15. I was a bear in 2000 and then a bull from 2001-2005. I am now a bear again. Why? Well - firstly I just received the thickest, glossiest brochure from Hamptons - going on about how buoyant the market is. Secondly, our next door neighbour is putting his house up for sale and is convinced that he will sell his house despite the fact 2 other houses in the road have been on the market since February. . . . . . . . . ...................................2005 He was told by the agent that the market has picke up and they will have no problem selling. I can't wait to see what happens! All signs to me of a correction. Our sale & purchase are going OK so we are not really affected.
  16. I was trying to fix up a mortgage and was discussing different options with a high street bank (begins with N and ends in T) Discussed I O versus repayment. Was told that an IO mortgage has to have an alternative repayment vehicle (eg an endowment) I said - but surely the property will cover the mortgage and they said no. They no longer accept the property value as a repayment vehicle! This is on borrowing 70% of the property value. So - what do you make of that?
  17. The keenly priced stuff is shifting like hot cakes but other stuff hangs around. We went to look at a place yesterday, on market for 2 days and under offer. Other places, there are 2 houses in our road which went on in Feb 2005 and are stil not sold. Prices reduced 7% in March but just sitting.
  18. If it's a furnished place the BTL can deduct 10% of rental for wear and tear. Can also deduct repairs and agents fees and mileage costs for visiting the property and phone calls and anything related to the costs of running the place.
  19. Oh my giddy aunt EIGHTY nine - I thought he said NINETY nine!! This absolutely explains his attitude - if I had missed the boat 17 years ago I would be bitter and name calling anyone who had bought property!!
  20. Out of interest, why didn't you buy 7 years ago? If you had, you could sell today, at a profit and pay off the mortgage?? I can understand someone today saying they can't afford to buy, but 7 years ago?? you must be kicking yourself.
  21. See - he always posts just after school comes out. Go home and do your homework and stop trying to wind up poor TTRTR
  22. If landlords could not offset the mortgage interest, surely they would raise the rent. If it was a blanket piece of legislation all landlords would increase at the same time. Regarding capital gains, the landlord does not have to pay that until he sells the property so the government is giving him a tax free loan.
  23. It is utter madness at the moment.. I rang to arange to view a property today which came on on Friday and it's under offer already. The agent is still going to show us it as they clearly encourage gazumping.
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