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  1. The scouse builder said that the 2 women only turned up when the camera crew were there so they must be more interested in being on TV than actually doing property development. They aren't using their own money so it's just a bit of a laugh for them.
  2. You can't really generalise. Some houses will be overpriced (not keen to sell) others will be lower (very keen to sell). Look up last price paid foir a similar property & if it was in the last 12 months then offer 10% below that. It has nothing to do with the asking price.
  3. Rightmove is based on asking prices I believe so it should be in advance of the indeces for actual prices achieved. Did it show falls? if so, these would be the slowdown prices.
  4. A balloon can also deflate slowly if left alone. To get in back to the size it was, you just add a small puff of air every so often. You can also push a skewer through a balloon without deflating it if you are very careful where you enter and exit the ballon (you need to go through the part where the balloon is thickest).
  5. Walk away from this one. If they don't want to sell they won't. Don't get emotionally attached to the project, find another one.
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