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  1. No, I'm not an EA, I am an STR (3 years ago) who lives in the Wimbledon area, and have been waiting for a HP drop ever since (in SW19/Kingston/Surbiton area). Like most people on here, I have bearish leanings, but most of my friends think I'm mad to expect a HPC, and I'm beginning to agree with them, when I hear stories like this one.

    I completely agree with you re. Norbiton/Kingston.

    Anyway, the property in question, is 30A Norbiton Avenue, a 30 second walk southside of Norbiton station. It has a 'Sold stc' sign outside and the EA is Lords.

    I've checked with their website & it isn't on ... Maybe it will be one of their featured properties of the month for October (they have this feature highlighting success stories).

    Since you live in the area, maybe you can check their window out, yourself, as I can't believe they wouldn't want to showpiece their success (if indeed the agreed sale price is £325K).

    A quick online search of properties in the area, show similar properties on at £240-275K - HOWEVER, there is a new block of flats going up around the corner from Norbiton station on the main road into K'ston with starting prices at £269000 for a one bed & £340000 for a twobed (Lords, again).

    Hmm STR 3 years ago? In that area? not very bright. Prices must have increased by about 50% and they would need to drop by 33% to get back to where you were.

    Not very clever at all.

  2. People in this country make their way through life IN SPITE of the government and its crackpot policies. If you need to rely on our various goverments to help you out with education, health, dentistry and so on then frankly you're ****ed. You and yours only get one life and within that just a few years to get them sorted. There isn't the time to wait for the government to build a shangri-la, which of course they never will. So folks must say balls to the system I'm looking after me and my own - First. Incidentally that's exactly what this country should be doing anyway! I'm sure there are many very deserving kids in poor families and I don't consider them to be worthless chavs but in a society where all is equal there are some who are more equal than others.

    Not all chavs are poor people and not all poor people are chavs

    However most chavs are probaby poor.

  3. No that’s not the rules – anyone who thinks house prices might not crash is called a troll – and then their posts are moved / deleted – the VI’s on this site won’t allow anything less – have a look in the off topic / troll forum if you don’t believe me – but in my opinion that seems to be the rules

    But it says Cuckoo is a troll and he can post - his posts have not been removed.

    [Moderator]Those in the troll usergroup can post. The purpose of the troll usergroup is to alert other members that they are not necessarily what they make out to be. Examples of reasons that a poster is in the troll usergroup would be: Multiple registrations, posting from the offices of estate agents, mortgage brokers etc. etc.

  4. there are 2 schools of thought about government and tax.

    The first school believes YOU are the best person to spend YOUR money, and you should therefore only be forced to spend it against your will in a minority of cases.

    The second school believes that a bunch of people you have never met and probably didn't vote for are better placed to spend YOUR money, using a system of many layers all of which dilute the effectiveness of your money.

    I know which school I belong to.

    We all know which school you belong to and we can't wait for you to go back. Roll on 4th September.

    Why didn't your mum book you on a course eh?

  5. I think losing the deposit is the legal minimum. If I were the Sellers I wouldn't be too miffed at that. They get 30k and the chance to sell their house again.

    If the worst came to the worst they could stick it on the market for 10% less, offsetting that against the £30k they've just taken.

    I do agree, I would be on the Sellers side completely. One of the problems in the U.K at present is that people feel they shouldn't be held accountable for their mistakes.

    We were told that if we backed out, not only would we lose the deposit, but the vendor could put the property back on the market, accept a lower offer and we would be liable for the difference between the price we agreed and the new price - so lose deposit + some more

    Scarey stuff

  6. Rent is about £4.5K a month for a decent sized family house in a decent area near me. My mortgage interest is a LOT less than that..... it's why I took so long to find thge right house to buy instead of offering asking on the first one I saw.

    I know I am lucky, but you make a lot of your own luck, before someone does the maths. However, I should say that I am helping family buy elsewhere (the NW) and whilst asking prices are up, the volume of sales since mid 2004 has been sod all - that is indicator for me that the market we are looking at (£300K to £500K) is flat as sellers are trying to continue to push the market and buyers can't get the mortgages to pay them....

    4.5k per month? where are you?? Sounds very very high.

  7. Personally I think it’s the best – no adjustments – just real figures

    You can not argue – there is no crash yet- just massive house price inflation

    Don’t put your heads in the sand – you can not dismiss every report – they all are telling you that house prices are going up – not down

    There will be no crash until you find a trigger – or house prices actually go down for a while

    The land reg stats are the only ones to go by

    Just because people put their asking prices up does not mean prices are rising. They only rise if people pay the higher prices.

  8. Take a look at the following link http://www.findaproperty.com/agent.aspx?ag...33&opt=list

    This has been typical of the last couple of years.... when most of you expected asking prices to be lowered significantly before a sale is likely.

    I can't guarantee that the vendors are getting the asking price but at the moment there seems to be no sign of house price worries in my home town.

    Despite the bad reputation of Slough, I can't help feeling that it's close enough to the city to entice Londoners to a place far more affordable.It's proving to be a pain in the backside for me because I would now like to buy a bigger house. Don't even bother to say I should wait for hpc because I can't see it happening here.

    The link you posted is no difefrent to most estate agents where I am - they all keep the "sold" and "sale agreed" on for ages. Some agents put "sold" when in fact they have lost the property (ie another agent is trying to sell it). There is a place round my way which has said "sale agreed" for a year and it still does and now it's up for sale with another agent.

  9. Yep, STR's are the best candidates to be called returners.

    Then divorcees buying after renting for a while, ex-pats returning from OS, there are probably many if I wanted to write a long list.

    But one that really comes to mind is people who sold & made sure they were chain free to facilitate the sale going through. The UK is a new place people. THA 1988/1996 has changed everything. Now there are rentals available everywhere, people can afford to be the top of the chain & know they can rent instead. In the past, finding a rental may have been a serious problem & people would prefer to move up a rung by being in a chain, ie not selling unless somewhere to move was available as well. But these days that isn't a problem anymore.

    Being the top of the chain has been a valid thing in Australia for a long time, with people putting their houses up for auction knowing they'll have to find a place themselves, but no worries as they can always rent if they don't find a place straight away.

    At least that puts them in a strong position when they buy.

    So what we have here is the smart money re-entering property...............

    I thought you had moved over "there" are you back here now? Confused

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