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  1. Sounds about right - 93% sponging - supported by the 7% paying the most tax!
  2. My kid opted to work instead of going to uni - she said she didn't want to rack up a load of debt and she woudl have the advantage of 3 year's work experience when her friends emerged as graduates (and unemployable as my other half says) However, I am a bit embarrassed to admit, but she has started as an estate agent
  3. Hmm STR 3 years ago? In that area? not very bright. Prices must have increased by about 50% and they would need to drop by 33% to get back to where you were. Not very clever at all.
  4. Not all chavs are poor people and not all poor people are chavs However most chavs are probaby poor.
  5. But it says Cuckoo is a troll and he can post - his posts have not been removed. [Moderator]Those in the troll usergroup can post. The purpose of the troll usergroup is to alert other members that they are not necessarily what they make out to be. Examples of reasons that a poster is in the troll usergroup would be: Multiple registrations, posting from the offices of estate agents, mortgage brokers etc. etc.
  6. How come you can post? I thought Trolls couldn't post?
  7. regarding the proportion of BTL's - they quote around 7%. However, I would imagine the 7% is actually the number of BTL mortgages. There are a huge number (unknown) of peopel who have bought BTL's with bonuses or by mewing their own properties. It is an unknown figure, but definitely propping up teh market.
  8. We all know which school you belong to and we can't wait for you to go back. Roll on 4th September. Why didn't your mum book you on a course eh?
  9. This PropertyGuru is an imposter. The betting is that it is someone who used to post on HPC as Crash Is Under Way - a rather obnoxious fellow who insulted all and added nothing to the debate. He was banend from here. He moved to another more wordly place and then left abruptly a few days ago - round about when this bogus PropertyGuru popped up here.
  10. We were told that if we backed out, not only would we lose the deposit, but the vendor could put the property back on the market, accept a lower offer and we would be liable for the difference between the price we agreed and the new price - so lose deposit + some more Scarey stuff
  11. They are ALL there Seek and ye shall find. All the world will be yours etc.
  12. 4.5k per month? where are you?? Sounds very very high.
  13. Bungalows with big gardens = development potential That's why they are expensive
  14. They are just covering themselves in case there is a crash - they don't want to appear stupid by missing it!
  15. The land reg stats are the only ones to go by Just because people put their asking prices up does not mean prices are rising. They only rise if people pay the higher prices.
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