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  1. More job cuts in the news and more job cuts that don't make it into the news. 2017 order books must be looking pretty bare right now! It's not just a downturn, it's the death of the industry as we know it.
  2. £250 per week - is that her looking after the kids for a full day (9-5)?
  3. I think that blaming AirBnB for the housing crisis is missing the point. And is there much thought put into the fact that investors in London and other cities are buying properties and either keeping them empty or only using them a few weeks a year? The AirBnB market is over-saturated anyway. I was looking at going to Edinburgh during the festival this year - last minute booking. You had a choice of hundreds of flats (and some even at non-stupid prices). Last year it was slimmer pickings.
  4. Our situation: Mortgage = ~£650 per month (£170k mortgage) Of which interest = £175 per month Cost of a month of childcare at the neighbourhood nursery = £1020 per month (5 days per week) And I'm sure that there are lots of other costs of having children too. So having a kid in nursery is a bit like going on holiday every month for a couple of years. Having two kids means you can bring your wife too! If people think that your personal circumstances should not have any impact on how much you are allowed to borrow then they are living in a very strange headspace.
  5. If you can get a mortgage at a combined rate (mortgage interest + product fee + booking fee + valuation fee + solicitors fee...) for less than 2% that's great. A lot of buyers that I know are financially illiterate and don't know that paying 4%+ for a mortgage is a good way of losing money in the long-term.
  6. I know of some friends who were looking to upgrade their flat to a house. Mid-30's, no kids, stable (as you can get) jobs in the oil industry - logistics and production chemist. They just told me that they have put on ice the idea of buying a bigger property in Aberdeen. They reckon that they'll keep jobbing it in Aberdeen - if one loses their job, they'll probably move back south (Scotland) and that'll be it. After 10-12 years in Aberdeen and despite an A3 & A4 each and quite a nice lifestyle - they reckon they can walk away with some cash and not look back. Lucky position to be in b
  7. It's funny that not being allowed to take on debt is seen as some sort of breach of human rights! Debt = Wealth
  8. Nice place, new kitchen. Nice location too. I have previously worked at ARI and would have loved to stay in a flat like that. But £145k is expensive, although at around £2000/m2 it is relatively cheap compared with places in nearby Rosemount and Mile-end.
  9. Property investors are all savvy folk who know how to calculate glorious yields on the back of a Moet label. The price or value of property is set by the sellers or property professionals.
  10. That £20m teachers scheme will eventually provide jobs for 4 years for up to 20 teachers. That's what it says in the article and I wonder with only 20 teachers being created, why bother. If the job losses are 120,000 then this is a drop in the ocean.
  11. If you can stomach it, move from the South East to the North. Quality of Life is better. What you may lose in wages you get back in terms of having your life back
  12. If you exclude R2B, prices are not much ahead of Inflation over the last 10 years.
  13. The way indices are looking for Aberdeen, prices will soon drop to mean that prices have not risen in 10 years.
  14. sorry, typo. gardener gone nanny gone cleaner gone I think he even had someone clean his cars weekly gone he's a good mate but he's depressed at the moment and sees no more joy in life.
  15. there is a lot of overgrown gardens in Aberdeen and the shire. I know of one guy who throough no fault of his own has lost his job and is now back to cutting the grass himself. Garden gone (for a snooker table sized lawn too). On the Brightside, he is able to spend more time with his kids, the nanny is gone too. he's trying AirBnb to make some cash, but for some reason Kingswells isn't a popular tourist destination.
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