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  1. You're right House Price Compassion is not appropriate. There is no room for compassion. I need to be more like Conan. General: Conan! What is best in life? Conan: Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women. Mongol General: That is good! http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0008154/quotes
  2. Yeah, and that's another avenue. Give cash family member who will use a deposit.
  3. Of course they will! Many of them will look at it as a place to pass on to their children when they die. I know my parents have been talking about it! I've had arguments about the profitability of BTL before, and I reckon you can still eek out a return if your getting +6% RY.
  4. With an election in 2015! I'd put money on further interference to keep things ticking over until April. He'd probably liked to have moved the pension thing earlier but was constrained by the tax year.
  5. 6 months is a long time for the market without a fix. I expect bridging measures at autumn statement.
  6. I wonder if any journo s read this forum? That money week bloke mentioned it once.
  7. I agree that the investor segment is the bit that is likely to go 'pop'. I found the following interesting: http://www.edmundconway.com/2014/04/londons-foreign-cash-property-buyers-may-be-less-cash-rich-than-you-think/ Basically saying that 'cash' buyers often arn't really 'cash' buyers at all because they have foreign debt. Important because any slowdown could precipitate further sales.
  8. Maybe but most sellers arnt distressed at the moment. Employment is high and interest rates low.
  9. Love that quote: "Over time, trends in real asset prices are determined by real, non-monetary, forces. We may occasionally be prominent actors but it's someone else who's written the script,". Central bankers never take responsibility for what they have done! Quite the opposite of what the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) has been saying.
  10. If gold does break support at 1180-1200 it is going allot lower than 1150 IMHO.
  11. Autumn statement is very good point. By that time correction in London will be obvious. What will they do? You know they will do something? Separate thread? My money is on stamp duty.
  12. Very Austrian. Friedrich hayek couldn't have said it better! Difficult to compare the GFC with 80s recession. Who knows! I just think its perverse that the GFC basically saved London property - if rates were still in the mid single digits prices would have corrected years ago.
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