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  1. Some people assume that a crash will somehow make property cheap but property in the UK has always been expensive, even during a slump. First time buyers have always had problems with getting a foot onto the property ladder because house prices have always been expensive. A property crash will benefit the STR speculators far more than the FTBs. The FTBs should forget about getting onto the property ladder. Property in the UK has always been viewed as an investment and as such has tended to experience wild gyrations in prices due to the actions of speculators. The FTBs should abandon all pr
  2. The people that will benefit most from a crash in property prices are the STRs rather than the FTBs. The first time buyers will find themselves priced out of the property market even if a significant property crash were to occur. Even if a property crash does occur house prices will still be expensive regardless of what happens. House prices were expensive even during the last property crash in the depths of the last recession of the early nineties. The FTBs have virtually no chance of getting a foot onto the property ladder in their lifetimes and so should give up hoping that a property cra
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