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  1. Help to buy didn't cause to boom! Wake up! I think I read it makes up c. 5% of transactions most of which are outside of London. Don't let the facts inconvience you. Sure there might have been a short lived boost because of investor phycology but HTB has not impacted house price inflation in the south east or London. Price rises were driven by the realisation by rational investors that interest rates will stay low for a looooonnnnggg time and therefore house prices are / were fairly valued. Have a look at house price inflation across the world - all went up the same time e.g. Canada, Austr
  2. Wurzel, I don't get the question. I've come to the conclusion that house prices are fairly valued, there is no bubble. Now is as good a time as ever to get on the ladder. High loans are the future for a zero rate world. Nuffin to worry about.
  3. Sorry, just reading allot of nonsence on this site. Stop drinking the coolaid and get on the property ladder - housing is fairly valued imho. If inflations picks up and rates rise maybe not - but show me where this is happening?
  4. High loan are normal in a zero bound world. If interest rates stay low like Japan, this is not an issue. Flat generates £1,000 pcm = £12k pa Assuming 6% rental yield = £200k Assuming 3% rental yiled = £400k (i.e. now!) There is no bubble! House prices are just reflecting low interest rate enviroment. This will not change! You are all waiting for a crash that will not happen!
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