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  1. Apolgies just seen someoen else has pasted the German site for coins.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-34474378 Thousands apply to buy Liverpool homes for just £1 Thousands of people have applied to buy homes for £1 in Liverpool. In total, 2,750 people have expressed an interest in buying empty terraced properties in the Picton area. The scheme, which was started by Mayor Joe Anderson in 2013, aims to regenerate deprived parts of the city and help the economy. In the successful first tranche, 20 homes were sold around Granby Four Streets and Arnside Road. Tony Mousdale, empty homes manager of Liverpool City Council, told the BBC: "All the pl
  3. I am not sure about others here, but there is a certain feel in the air currently in the stock market. I day trade volatile stocks and sometimes the volatility is just incredible to behold. Certainly wouldn't surprise me if we did see a proper correction like the one on the 24 of last month. Time will tell.
  4. Paul Hodges Interview: UK house prices could fall 50% in global ‘Great Unwinding’
  5. Buying some more silver next month I like the designs on many of the coins even if Mad Max never comes to pass.
  6. So that's going to send residential burglaries through the roof then as old people withdraw and put it at home.
  7. Everyone has to do what's right for them. Good luck to everyone renting and wanting to buy either now or in the future or never.
  8. I am sure it does, but are people really this gullible and stupid any more? I.e. with the internet as a free resource you can now find a lot of information on anything you are interested in, not forgetting good ole books or kindle versions now. But I take your point though.
  9. So you think it can't be done, or it's not for you because you aren't interested? Not sure if it signals the top though, some think the top is not yet in, other think it is, you peays your money and takes your chances.
  10. Cartainly concur on the car front, unless you are so well off you can afford the depreciation whihc goes with the grief of them. Even if I became well off enough to justify a brand new or an expensive car, psychologically losing money on depreciation just doesn't sit well with me. I agree though cash and other portable assets does give me a sense of well being, strange eh.
  11. I know someone like this, ole man works away in Saudi, but she confided in the wife they have an interest only mortgage on £300k plus place! Nice BMW X5 in the drive (ok old), but you get the picture. Would enjoy them being thrown out of that place, sorry, but she gets her kids all the latest crap, putting pressure on other children. I so want to state that to our lad, but give it time (hopefully)...
  12. I am wondering if / when we get more QE, the markets will initially dive down given that the obvious past moves have been up? You know, expected the unexpected.. I heard some great commentary about (and one has to take it at face value), the plunge protection team works, and that when the DOW fell a 1000 points it shows even the PPT can't actually stop the markets when it wants to fall. All fascinating stuff, expeically when the screens are red.
  13. He is about the only I one (I can find), calling deflation and not inflation in stocks or gold (with specific targets). As always it's his opinion, although interesting. Edit: Glad you enjoyed it.
  14. Thanks very much for your thoughts RK, it certainly does.
  15. Interesting. Regarding the tests of a perceieved support level, I always felt and I've read it as well, that the more times a price vists a supposed support level, the more likely it will, at some point, break through it as it get weaker, whether it is to the down side or up side? From what I can gather you could argue we should have a retest of the lows on the SP500 & the DOW because we are not there yet at a psychological bottom. From what you have written before, I assume you are using DOW theory and hence the next leg higher, (after the retests some time in the next two months), we
  16. Buy the pull back could be another way to make some easy cash...
  17. Plenty of people now suggest with the Fed boxed in and by telegraphing rate rises they will be forced to do QE4 because a rise at the end of this month would hit risk markets. Plenty of great articles over on Zerohedge about where it could all end up, but from the many alternative media types it looks as though this could be the start of Mr Market finally losing patience with the Fed. Plus when you take in to account China and what they could do if they declare how much gold they have etc etc, it all makes for an interesting time ahead..
  18. Apparently it was 62 years ago that Greece forgave German debt. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/jul/06/germany-1953-greece-2015-economic-marshall-plan-debt-relief
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