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  1. This rather backs up the question in my previous thread. So once you own the property outright it is quite realistic to let the property well below market rental rates because you no longer have interest to pay. Now I fully accept that commercial letters would take a different view, but for the private individual it is a method of retaining an asset and covering running costs and more.
  2. Thats a sensible response. Before this thread I hadnt realised that most BTLrs go IO. Which explains why they are so desparate to see dramatic HPI. Its a personal thing, but I would seek to own the property outright at the end of the loan.
  3. I dont want to say too much because we all have a right to some privacy here. But your assumption is one degree of separation removed from fact. I'm sure you'll be able to work out what that means.... So can we drop it. Also I do not work in property, own property (currently) work for any form of VI. Although I wish I was big in property, at least after the correction.
  4. So master troll-hunter, here's the facts. I'm currently an STR, I pay £1850 per calendar month, and I'm exiting rental as I have lost the will to gamble on the market crashing. I fully expect correction but unless BOE makes a large IR hike I suspect that prices will just sit at an approx. -5% to +2% growth pa on average. Gordon Brown has already made reference to the soft-landing the BOE and govt have engineered and despite all the other failures of this govt I suspect they will continue to seek to avoid the boom-bust cycle that spoiled the electability of their predecessors. Oh and as I have behaved very nicely (despite provocation) and generated 2x100 plus post threads to keep you entertained over the last couple of days, wouldnt you rather keep me as a poster rather than stalk me to exit point? I've got lots of juicy questions that will keep this board busy
  5. Optimist, Its not unreasonable to think that residential property is trending above market norms and is more likely to face a correction at some stage in the future rather than growth ad infinitum at current levels. Quite simply property rising dramtically beyond wage inflation would become unaffordable for so many people that it has to slow. Once corrected long term HPI can resume. The question that puzzles me is will the correction come in the form of a crash or stagnation. You see, if it crashes, the hypothesis of the old guard on this forum stands up to scrutiny; now is a bad time to buy and should be avoided - go rent. But if it just stagnates for a few years then they lose the bet, all that STR rental gets wasted- hence what they are attempting here is to influence the market in favour of a rapid correction. Problem that faces them is that each waiting year increases their risk, and as the BOE have kept IR's low it looks like their much needed crash is receding. Very expensive gamble.
  6. Thats certainly a scenario that I factor. I'm not one for believing the property market is on a 25 year decline. Oops does that make me a troll?
  7. Thanks sweetie But can we drop the 'troll' thing and move to first names??
  8. Dang Fedupwaiting, you have figured me out. I'm actually Donald Trump and I've moved to Kenley And optimist is actually my side-kick Ivana...
  9. You are partially correct. I will not be an STR for very much longer....yippeee! On the rest I'm not so sure...
  10. <sigh> I think you have just convinced CL that you and I are one and the same. If its true, do you think I could have that tenner that's poking out of your/my wallet on the side board there?
  11. And thats to say nothing of the rumbling 'gold' thread within a thread developing here...
  12. LOL - but I can assure you your attendance is optional. The doors are unlocked...go on... try them.... oopps sorry, heres the key...catch!
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