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  1. The vendor did not accept my offer which was £7000 over the asking price. I'm certain it is the only offer on the table. In which case, the asking price would be considered *bait advertising* because the product is not available at the advertised price. Bait advertising is completely illegal in the UK. Anyhow, I have now written to the vendor saying that if their current sale falls through before I have found something else, I am sure we can come to some arrangement. I have also told them that I would prefer not to deal with their estate agent because I am drawing up a complaint to the ASA, who I understand could prosecute.
  2. I have been told that it is an offence for an agent to misrepresent an offer, its existence or level. Estate agents are clearly breaking the law all over the place, and getting away with it. I doubt they expect to be challenged. The estate Agent in question is encouraging me to take the matter down their internal complaints procedure, which coincidentally is administered by one of the men involved in this potential offence. Criminals policing themselves?
  3. I would not need to sue the EA - I get the impression the ASA is keen to go for a test case, with the intention of making an example to stamp out this behaviour by EAs. Anyway, the EA is clearly worried about a prosocution, and that's reward enough for me. I now don't actually care if I lose the property, I'd just like ti see a public hanging of an EA err I mean justice.
  4. And the potential to bring a prosecution for an agent breaking the law.
  5. I put in a good cash offer on a property last week. The agent suddenly *rustled up* a second *cash* bidder within 10 minutes of me placing my offer. A bidding war ensued that that went to 'sealed bids', in which I bid well over the asking price. I now believe the second bidder was faked, in order to try to get me to hand over details of my private financial information to the EA and to increase my offer. Anyway the agent emailed me to say the vendor accepted the rival offer. However, the agent now refuses to mark the property as 'under offer' on their adverts, despite advice that they could be prosecuted by the Advertising Standards Authority for breaching the advertising code of practice (as corroborated by the ASA). I am also aware that it is an offence to misrepresent an offer or the level of an offer. I suspect that because the vendor got one good cash they became greedy. I am emailing the agent daily requesting they alter their adverts to stop them misleading, and I am taking daily screenshots to present to the ASA as evidence. Any comment would be welcome?
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