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  1. So which is the real burger? If you think it's the one on the right, then you're going to be very disappointed. Real capitalism, in the real world, isn't exactly like the advert. Bailouts are just one part of that, a part that should be obvious by now.
  2. They tell you what to think, and you lap it up. No wonder the establishment see us as cattle. Look how easy it is: I can't be the only one who find the apparent success of this transparent propaganda campaign pretty ******ing sinister. Is this what has replaced politics? Are they putting crystal-meth in the water supply or something?
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abelian_sandpile_model http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mario-livio/from-sandpiles-to-bureauc_b_2005591.html
  4. This is absolute garbage. It's the exact same excuse the commies trotted out to excuse the Gulags. I'm sure the human sacrifices of the Aztecs would have worked too, if only the population were pious enough. The reality, and I'm sorry if this hurts, is that we have had nothing but neoliberal right-wing capitalist politics since the 80s. That's why the financial sector has dominated the economy. It's why the number of landlords has ballooned. It's why we have an entirely deregulated global labour force. These are not left-wing policies, not by any stretch of the imagination. Yes,
  5. Partly true, but not entirely. The cost of living is high because economic rents - taxes, land costs, inflation and monopoly prices such as rail fares - are too high. The government could easily fix this, but they won't.
  6. Yet another establishment propaganda campaign. Haven't people figured this stuff out yet? You'll vote how they tell you to vote.
  7. Incentivising people to leave is the point. Other people are commuting for miles, staying away from their families, or living in hovels, just to get access to the London job-market. So if you think that living in London isn't worth a few thousand quid a year, then simply ****** off.
  8. Yes, and if you're stranding in the wilderness then burning your clothes really will keep you warm.
  9. In case you were wondering where their priorities were. Restrict mortgage lending to muggles, but not to landlords. The conservatives - because landlords are magical.
  10. At least Brand is talking about alternatives. I expect he'll be ridiculed, as will any political debate outside of the well defined boundaries. In a democracy, controlling the set of acceptable ideas is how the powerful stay powerful.
  11. Imagine how awful that would be. Once a year, a full inspection of your house to make sure that you aren't doing anything inappropriate, like putting up pictures, or redecorating, or keeping a pet. What an awful world that would be. Fortunately, we have a Tory government protecting people from such abuse. Real people of course, not tenants.
  12. High minimum wage and low mortgage costs, a rentiers paradise. You might have a few months of increased aggregate demand, before the landlords catch on.
  13. He isn't a product provider. His tenants aren't clients. Landlording isn't a business, it's a state run protection racket. Gangsters don't provide protection from threats, they are the threat. Landlords don't stop people from being homeless, they make people homeless. For money.
  14. Except, as I'm sure you'll all agree, the Soviet Union wasn't 'really communist'. Right? It also wasn't a democracy, but somehow that gets overlooked. The lesson of history is that life gets worse when power is in the hands of a few, regardless of who they are or how they justify themselves.
  15. Picture went missing, and apparently I can't edit. Nice.
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