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  1. What does managing over 100 posts or Westminster have to with what i posted about in particular? as you have not even addressed it. Pedophile rings go right to to top whether in Scotland or anywhere else or prove me wrong. The third way is called Communitarianism is it not? Is that what you are? Are we take it you support Alex Salmond and his Communitarian take over of the family by state guardians? The same "Westminster" of authority that you fallaciously accuse me of? LOL
  2. Indeed, no doubt DPFs may have improved but still with the flaws and but few of us can afford brand new cars and i would still argue petrol engines are more forgiving of low mileage urban drivers with a heavy foot as they do not have to go through a high temp burn cycle with an add on like a DPF in the first place which are very expensive to replace. Car forums are full of people complaining about not being told about this when sold these cars and not warned about their driving habits, annual mileage or average speeds or have not been warned even to go through DPF burn cycle when buying these cars. As i said, i would have bought a diesel if i thought it was cost effective by my annual mileage and driving habits ie 12000 plus a year and mostly on A roads or Motorways where diesel is still King. I still think apart from Hydrogen fuel cell technology, petrol ecoboost engines will be the future for non high mileage user as they don't chuck out polluting solid soot particles and require DPF's or the more expensive high tolerance cost and requirements and maintenance costs of turbo diesels for average motoring.
  3. Hmmm, i think the Utopia presented to the Scots of a free independent Scotland is a hoax as the political realities of a socialist/corporate/communitarian dictatorship will descend upon them with a yes vote and they will be used by TPTB to instigate a corporate lead agenda 21 upon their poor flock of a mere 5 or 6 million like lambs to the slaughter. One example right here, does this not shivers down the spine of every parent? It's like giving putting the Pedophiles in charge of the Children's home. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10650090/Scottish-ministers-threatened-with-legal-action-over-state-guardian-plans.html Scots parents, your children belong to the state, not you according to the SNP.
  4. I always used to buy Toyota cars but as my mechanic said, they had their heyday in the 90s and early 2000s are not above the competition anymore for reliability.If i did high mileage i would have bought a diesel. Pity i could not afford the Mondeo Ecoboost petrol engines as they were too new for me to afford at the time. Even the 1.6 has more power, more torque and better economy than my 2.0 Duratec. Downside of the Mondeo from my experience is lack of visibility,especially when reversing, hard to park without parking sensors and crap Air conditioning units which can fail or are noisy. It's great to drive though. With Petrol engines, you put torque at the wheels by revving the engine, which seems more natural to me than low rev high torque from diesels.
  5. Yep the DPF issue is a scandal. Thank goodness i did some research first and bought a Mondeo Petrol and not a diesel as i am a low mileage mostly urban driver.
  6. Another vote for Kingswinford from me if your still interested, It's about 3 miles from Stourbridge and next to the Countryside, the best areas being closest to the Summerhill School IMO. A nice village but probably on a par with Oldswinford for prices but better IMO. I went to school there and would like to move back one day.
  7. A lot of people who do low mileage or mostly urban drivers were duped in buying diesels when they would have been better of buying petrol due to the expense of having a new DPF as low mileage town driving screws them up. Not doing enough miles to outweigh the cost of the more expensive diesels obviously too. Of course if your are a low mileage urban diesel driver, you can always give the car a good run on a motorway or A road every coupe of weeks but that will chucking away the fuel you may saved in the previous 2 weeks.
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