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  1. Yep he will say we are not there yet, inflation is still low 3%+. I don't know how they calculate inflation but the numbers surely cannot be right. Items in shops has gone up massively.
  2. More and more people seems to realize that it;s actually Help for Builders so they can build "affordable 1 bed apartments for 500k"
  3. It's not that the country cannot cope with falling price & their budget but people are fed up with astronomical prices. Firnd of mine is trying to sell his 2 bed house in Zone 3 due to second baby. He's been looking to but somewhere in the same are but houses with extra bedroom are starting at £700,000.He cannot afford it and building extension in his current house will grant him extra bedroom but no storage space whatsoever. Mad circles.
  4. Well HtB loans work both ways sometimes government earns more money on the back of your sale sometimes losses. If you have a hpi that fine but imagine if the value of the houses drop let's say 20% or even more. Who;s gonna be one the hook for the payment - us a.k.a. taxpayers.
  5. At the moment everyone thinks the rates will stay below 1% indefinitely. I cannot see this happening for much longer. You can see pension holes everywhere due to the low rates.
  6. If you hold a gold bullion and you want to exchange for cash, where is the best place to do it? I ma getting large shipment from Nigerian prince....
  7. You are not the only one, I almost bought house in 2015 but we pulled out.
  8. Did you install sink next to bed and toilet in wardrobe. All this will increase your rent by £300 a week.
  9. Yes i saw in China it's amazing how quickly they can build stuff.
  10. Well property is not liquid asset like shares or stocks. In case of downturn everyone will try to sell but it take more time compared to others assets.
  11. Well FTB are not competing with LL because the properties that they are trying to flog are overpriced and outside their budget.
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