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  1. Fascinating extension, many thanks. Going to view somewhere tommorrow and was thinking about sticking in an offer 20% below their asking price(fag packet calculations and how much I though I could push it) Was feeling a bit un easy about the offer going on past experience and the pumping of the market the past 2 years. Your extension says the vendor over paid in 2006 by 15% and their asking price is 20% above today's value.LOL. I already knew their asking price was cheeky. I don't think I could offer more than 20% below without laughing.
  2. No guarantee though and they are making a mark up. Their profits are through the roof. What issue loyalty saver do you have?
  3. LOL, I will be getting the same then. They going to zero or below arent they.
  4. Theres a few CITI Bank, HSBC, Nationwide IOM. Some charge/are not part of the FCSC cover etc.
  5. Is that your stomping ground? The Digby, Bagot, Norton(gone), Lad In The Lane, Yenton. Prices are peek at least.
  6. Oh the irony that was meant to be 'grammar' and not 'garmmer'
  7. Bla,bla,bla de fooking bla bla, fooking use garmmer you c^nt. There is no changing it, regardless of rosette colour. The Brown dependence bought time, the Tories know it can't be unwound. No party can reverse what is coming to the UK.
  8. FSA was replaced with the FCA, the Tories still pilling in the immigrants to the ghettos, in work benefits to the masses can't be removed......
  9. Have the Tories reversed any of the things you mention in their tenure of the last 5 years.......
  10. Some ex PM's getting slated on here. Was anyone any good?? I know John Mayor seems to be liked. But he did'nt reverse any of Thatchers policies did he, the manufactoring base was still being off shored, council houses stock being sold without being replaced. Any else?
  11. The manufacturing industry started way before the end of the WW2. Some massive companies.
  12. Fooking sickening to have this co*k sucker come out with such condescending comments. I wouldn't piss on these people if they was on fire.
  13. Something not quiet right is it. Supply problems with bricks have been there for one year or more now. Why not reverse the mothballing sooner?
  14. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-12-26/game-over-japan-real-wages-crash-most-21st-century-savings-rate-turns-negative
  15. So what? I complained to the ASA about a volume builder using an incorrect postcode for their houses on Rightmove. They was using the more affluent and desirable neighbouring one, better school catchment, etc. Blatantly misleading. They replied, saying that any buyer would know the difference. WTF?
  16. Up north is the cheapest. Disagree about the sound insulation qualities of new builds. They are much better than older houses. For example a party wall in an old house would be 215mm of brickwork and no cavity, in a bew build it would be 100mm blockwork/85mm cavity/100mm blockwork. Sound has difficulty passing through air, hence the cavity.
  17. What about gassing people, is that forbibben.
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