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  1. There is some seasonal inflation this time of year. Employees will normally want to wait until after Christmas to move roles. This means less people about and also employers, like myself, will get desperate if they absolutely have to fill a role and pay a little extra. Having said that I filled a role at my previous company for an Internet Manager no problem last November for £30k and I am struggling to get the same calibre of candidate at the moment at that price, I have been recruiting for about 4 weeks. £35k is looking like a more realistic figure. Junior Web developers are looking at £25k
  2. Who is this stupid bint? Pauline who? I thought the presenter was quite bearish.
  3. Good article. I like this ..."watching a consumerist circus that has precious little to do with you"
  4. Why the negativity??? I love France. Both Normandy and Brittany will be lovely. I disagree about the weather as well. I personally think they have slightly crisper winters and longer sunnier hotter summers. It'll be lovely. The point about the airlines is a good one. You should never have any problems with the nuber of boats foing accross.
  5. The corresponding comments are overwhelmingly bearish... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml.../ublview128.xml "I say bring it on. The sooner it happens, the sooner these obscene house prices will come down to levels that the average time buyer can afford. I am 25, an above average earner, and am simply not prepared to sign my life away to purchase a Beirut shoebox for the next 25 years. Fortunately, I have an Economics degree and I can see through the all the hype that this debt fuelled madness has created. Most people don't have this benefit, but then again, why should they need it
  6. Watch him get squeezed and squeezed and eventually thrown out of the party, like Clare Short. WHy don't MP's have any balls anymore?
  7. Hi Jason, This is the story that was number 2 yesterday. And in the economy section as well... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/6068316.stm Restricted time is a nonsense article when this shit was up there. This is a nothing story (compared to the other).
  8. I think Jason said yesterday that this story did not make it on the BBC website. I checked yesterday and it was not there. What was there however (the second story on the Your Money and Economy sections of the Business area) was that Scottish House prices were rising at twice the rate of English house prices. Now what is, or should be more important to the British people? If ever there was evidence that the SCOTTISH FAT GAY *****'S brother was manipulating strings at the BBC this is it.
  9. Just saw a bit on the BBC news about a life prolonging cance drug that has been rejected by NICE. Get this though...they have it in Scotland! Of course they do.
  10. If Brown appoints 4, and "the Queen" aka Brown another three, who appoints the other two?
  11. It's weird that the 36-45 group want ot leave more than the early 20's I tell you the 20's generation has given up hope of ever having any sort of life. The late 30/early 40 group are the ones sitting pretty (generally) and the ones doing all the moaning.
  12. I would have thought that most people aspire to move out of Slough. When people aspire to live in Slough, you know everything is CRAZY!
  13. Hi Risk, Can you elaborate on this, please? Thanks
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