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  1. Sky TV must be ripe for job cuts especially when the service can be delivered via Internet. You just don't need those SKY TV engineers installing/fault fixing satellite dishes anymore?!
  2. We have a large Debenhams in Canterbury, it doesn't matter how busy the town is, Debenhams is always quiet! The only reason we go in there is to have a free squirt of perfume or to use the toilets.
  3. I gave in in 2015. Had this expectation that prices would collapse shortly after purchase. But 3 years on, we've improved our home and are working to make this how we want it (it has potential for extending also so it's definitely not a place we'll be moving from in the next 10 years), and we've used this period of low interest rates to overpay the mortgage and are likely to be mortgage free by June 2021. Oh, and Zoopla 'suggests' it's gone up in value by £85k... If we had waited it would have been completely unaffordable!!
  4. Arcadia telling suppliers it's going to pay them 2% less due to poor sales. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/jan/17/arcadia-poor-sales-blamed-for-squeeze-on-suppliers Sure the suppliers will be impressed!
  5. A friend has just got a mortgage, he doesn't see it as a normal debt, it's a 'different type of debt innit'.
  6. Where are you seeing this? I'm only seeing 1.99%, they had fees of £299 before Christmas but this has since shot up to over £1000! I can only see First Direct with a rate of 1.79% at the moment.
  7. Yes, Google Trends, amount of interest in specific search terms over time.
  8. Looks like a seasonal dip towards Christmas to me. How was December 2011 / 12 for comparison?
  9. "really stretched ourselves to the upper limit" Guess they've got their fingers crossed hoping we don't get an interest rate rise in the coming months / years!
  10. Same as here in my search for changes over 15 miles (round Canterbury - takes in Thanet also) in past 24 hours. Mainly fails or price cuts.
  11. Can't see it will make that much difference myself. Looking at places up to £300k and most are not selling anyway, I doubt a saving of £4k will change this. 3 bed detached house I was watching dropped from £310, to £295 and down to £260 yesterday (SE area) so some commonsense appearing perhaps.
  12. Business is better than it's ever been, had our best ever year so far in 10 years trading. Actually, running some offers for the "Black Friday / Cyber Monday" weekend meant we've had some of our biggest daily revenues! Normally quietens at this time of year (November/December) but so far still remaining busy.
  13. I know it's a long shot, and I may be silly for suggesting this crazy idea, but have they thought about reducing the price??? Is it on RM, link?
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