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  1. I've thought this for a long time now. the only way to give housing a soft landing is to build traditional affordable council housing. that will slowly undermine the btl landlords and they will need to reduce rents, or sell at lower prices. the tax given away to the btl landlords can be increasingly funnelled dinto the council building programme. its not lack of supply that's the issue, its the cornering of the market by the private sector.
  2. This astounds me. Why someone would pay 1/2 a mill for a flat between Stockwell, Brixton and Clam N is madness.
  3. I remember diesel costing £1 a litre back in c. 2006, so to go to £1.22 a litre in 8 years is about 2.5% compounded interest. Thats not bad and close to going below 2% with the occasional discount.
  4. We got an EA flyer last week stating £1,500 fixed fee. For Herts thats a price of £150k for your 1%. 0.5% for £300k, 0.25% for £600k. Last two more the norm round here!
  5. So that's the end of the high street then. Deutsche Bank analysts recently said a bank could survive with 500 branches as opposed to the c. 2k each has atm. No more banks, phone shops, no more video shops, betting shops, pawnbrokers, pound shops. Only one left; estate agents. Everything will be OK with property, wont it?
  6. Only network / provider to stay off this forum is Tesco Mobile? Dont they piggy back off the other main networks? My son has a brand new Nokia Lumia on Windows phone for £13 pcm payg - Me and Mrs Pentu will move off our vodafone 24 month contracts in the new year and move to Tesco Mobile. That'll save us about £55 pcm - We're quite happy with our Galaxy S3s . Communications deflation anyone?
  7. Yes, the PE company raised £250m in debt and paidf themselves a £205m divi. Ponzi schemes are all about timing EAs next, me thinks! Just watch those property volumes fall.
  8. Dorkins - all stochastic forecasting models need a projected mean around which to perturbate the outcomes. All stochastic models show an element of crash; but these are always at the margin. If someone produced a model that always projected crashes, they wouldn't use it! If Keens isnt using stochastic simulations, then he's about 20 years out of date.
  9. All economic models are based on mean reversion, so thats bound to happen. Problem is that we live in a new paradigm, so mean reversion no longer applies in the short term; more likely an economic schism (or stress tes - but even there i believe the BoE / PRA doesnt understand macro economics).
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