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  1. I hope Andy Slaughter Labour MP joins UKIP...LOL Seem to remember Reckless hitting the headlines because he got pished in the commons bar the night before an important vote so missed the vote.
  2. Blimey! One of the few Tories who voted against airstrikes in Iraq the other night.
  3. Not too sure about that. Statism was practised by Eastern Bloc countries back in the Soviet days. Today Statism is practised by the Chinese Communist Govt. However, the clue to whether the Nazis were left or right is in part of name: National Socialism. They were also fans of the colour Red. But anything which involves the control of the people is firmly on the left: the state before the individual.
  4. My politics lecturer at Uni taught us the meaning of the political spectrum. To his credit, he didn't let his Lefty leanings get in the way of what he taught us, I'll get to that later. However, what he taught us was that the left is about control of the individual whereas the right is about freedom of the individual. His belief was the state knew best and a fairer society was only possible through the state, even if that meant higher taxation. He's currently an MP for the Labour Party.
  5. What is 'ultra-nationalism'? You can have nationalism or no nationalism, not sure how you can have extreme or ultra versions. However, such words words/terms were coined by the Left to invoke an emotive reaction or thought against those who oppose the Left. Xenophobia is, again, another Lefty term and up there with Trotsky's term 'racist'. Both are banded about with little thought to their origin, history and true purpose. In other words, such terms/words are 'labels' which is what the left use as a method to stiffle debate. Case in point, the word 'Denier' as banded about by Climate Change supporters. The word is used for one purpose, to invoke emotive thought of which places those who question Climate Change on the same platform as Holocaust Deniers. You'll find the Tea Party is Libertarian, that is right wing. Extreme Right Wing is Anarchism, a stateless society. That is why I have a chuckle when I hear our liberal lefty media label EDL and BNP as extreme right wing. They are in fact extreme left wing, National Socialists and only slightly different to Communism in that Communism was/is Internationalist.
  6. And I bet if UKIP get one MP, the current Troika will become UKIP clones. Unfortunately for the Progressives, UKIP is public opinion. So who will win? The will of the Progressives or the will of the people?
  7. I purchased June 2006, what stood out on the agreement was 'Fixed Sum Loan Agreement' and some blurb about being unregulated. But I thought for a few years I was on Hire Purchase, didn't realise they made unsecured loans on 'nearly new' cars. Car was about 6 months old. Sales guy told me "you must have real good credit because they accepted you in minutes". Loan company was Capital Bank, part of Bank of Scotland and then swallowed up by Black Horse.
  8. Yes, the loan I referred to was unsecured - Fixed Sum Loan. I think they're as rare as hen's teeth these days.
  9. You've jogged my memory. Because the loan was above 20k odd, it was an unregulated loan.
  10. I can see you're fixated with the number 1, but what about the 100s of BTL scum in the Con, Lib and Lab parties?
  11. Can't remember to be honest, may have been laced with an early repayment charge. Either way, once I mentioned cash the sales guy got very hostile. His attitude probably made me walk rather than the cash/finance thing. Oddly enough, I did buy a performance car on what I thought was Hire Purchase via Bank of Scotland. I was literally cleared for the car within 2 minutes at an APR of 6%. This was 2006. I was looking into paying it off during 2009 but the account was transferred to Lloyds Black Horse so had great difficulty getting through to someone at Lloyds who could access the account. My worry was the early repayment charge on the agreement, but I was confused by the heading of the agreement: "Fixed Sum Loan Agreement". After posting on MSE, I was told the car loan was in fact an unsecured loan? WTF I thought? Eventually, I got through to someone at Black Horse who confirmed the same thing "Yes Mr Basics, the loan is unsecured but cannot be rescheduled". So in effect, I could have driven the motor off the forecourt and then not paid a dime on the loan, BoS would not have been able to repossess the car. This was the type of pre-credit crunch deals they were giving out within minutes and at 6% APR. I'm talking around 30k here. I asked the guy at Black Horse if I could settle and he said "yes, we can settle without charge because Lloyds want these acquired loans gone so they are waiving the early repayment charge"...happy days! So I settled.
  12. Tongue in cheek Those who know the writings of Ian Kershaw will know his two books on Hitler. I foresee the same style of books on Tescos: Tescos: Hubris Tescos: Nemesis
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