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  1. # of new cases going flat or down is good. Means measures work and have to stay in place, otherwise -> back to square one. G0ldfinger
  2. Ray Dalio on cash and gold: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-07/dalio-still-thinks-cash-is-trash-as-printing-presses-roll
  3. Ray Dalio: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-07/dalio-still-thinks-cash-is-trash-as-printing-presses-roll
  4. Me to. Reasonably good actor, but no real movie material.
  5. Germany: We went to a large supermarket this morning. Crowded, only 1 or 2 in a hundred wearing masks. Security staff let everyone in and could not care less about crowding around veggies and checkouts. This is in line with recent psychological studies by the University of Erfurt and the RKI that the acceptance of the measures is somewhat waning in the population and complacency is settling in. I predict: Rude awakening in two weeks time, then fall back to present lockdown if it had been eased or proper lockdown such as in Spain. The alternative is a disaster as in Spain, Italy, or even the UK. This MUST be avoided.
  6. It has to depend in personal circumstances anyway. The retail space is cleared out for now, but the fiscal & financial policies we are witnessing should lead to large institutional demand. I would expect a price mania much extremer than 2011. Maybe we have a year, or two? Not sure. We might see the first phase when the economic post-Corona reality in the US starts settling in. It might be sooner than everyone thinks.
  7. The US could end up testing more than Italy/Spain/France/UK, the worst European countries. But I fear mortality will be higher since many folks in the US know that a stay at the hospital bankrupts them.
  8. When I left 10 years ago, I took everything out of the USS and put it into a Gold SIPP. Not sure yet it was the right move because of the high fees, but if gold does what it should do...
  9. I get upset with my wife and my older son when they do not give joggers etc. enough space. Yesterday, they scolded me for being over the top. I just showed my wife the articles ^^. Now she says we should not go for walks anymore... It's all just common sense, innit?
  10. If you work on the frontline during such a crisis, you don't get much sleep. This weakens your immune system. Go, figure.
  11. I loved how he first excluded the UK from the travel ban. Then someone told him that his buddy B. had dropped the ball in a mighty way, and one day later the UK was out, too...
  12. Johnson happily shook COVID-19 patient hands and proudly said on TV he would continue to do so. How stupid can one man be? It's a very infectious disease. He should have lead by example and instead behaved like an undeducated stubborn child. He either had zero grasp of the gravity of the disease or he had not watched international news in the previous 3 months. Either way, this man is clearly incompetent to lead any sizeable crowd of people.
  13. Germany reported many cases way before the UK had even woken up to the fact there was a pandemic. Then the UK started counting and overtook Germany at lightspeed. Horrendous #s of deaths now. Yeah, Germany is behind the UK in growth on Corona, and it will hopefully stay further and further behind, because that is the whole point of this exercise.
  14. No. You insinuated cases and deaths are fake. No, they are not. Just as I truly believe Johnson exposed himself in particularly moronic ways to COVID-19. Of course it got him. Of course he gasped for air. P.S.: Is it not the Indian view that Churchill is a war criminal?
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