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  1. So you are over 30 and you think there is some HUGE difference between you and a 50 year old? I was accused of being a 'boomer' on this forum when I was 42. Depending whose calculations you use the boomer years seem to cover at least 18 years. How can you tar everybody in an 18+ year age span with the same brush when you are only just off 18 years from that group yourself? Baz
  2. There are people on this forum who STR'd YEARS ago. If your ultimate aim is to own again what price do you put on the lost 5+ years of your life and the stress involved daily pouring over forums like this waiting for the news you want to hear. Not to mention perhaps moving home at someone else's will several times? Will the gains made from the crash be enough to compensate? Baz
  3. Thanks for that. Sorry I haven't been on this forum for a while and that headline caught me eye. I should have remembered how quick people are on here to notice these things! Baz
  4. according to MSN: http://money.uk.msn.com/mortgages/mortgage...entid=148039789 Baz
  5. I disagree with this. Where I lived (Oxfordshire) prices were down about 40% within months of the end of Dual Miras. Peak to trough for the country as a whole may have taken up to five years but many areas were hit VERY hard VERY quickly. Baz
  6. Good on you mate. There are too many people on this website who think pensioners should somehow volunteer for voluntary euthanasia and give up the houses they have lived in all their lives to make way for some people who want it all on a plate. Baz
  7. lol That's one way of putting it! You must remember people here are VIs too. Scaring people into selling up low will help accelerate the crash! Anyway you are still in a good position and like you I thing that Reading is a reasonable plave to live. Baz
  8. Excellent post. This point is totally lost on Cells who acts like a spoilt brat. I bet his elder relatives love him circling like a vulture waiting for them to die. If I was one of Cells' elderly relatives, just to spite him, I would leave my money to a charity for bankrupt and homeless BTLers. Baz.
  9. It's amazing the number of demented people who chant this mantra believing it is true. Baz
  10. I agree to. Many of the wealthiest people in this country are tax exiles or mange to avoid paying their full share of taxes by exploiting loopholes in the system. Baz
  11. Interesting thread. Two of the main protagonists are a 23 year old "whinging youth of today" and a 40 year old "dinosaur" (their quotes not mine). What is interesting to me is that they are only 17 years apart in age. I was born in late 1964 and by some calculations that makes me a "Boomer". The "Boomer" period covers at least 18 years and some interpretations of the demographic make this period 20+ years - which put myself and my father in the same generation! The point I am trying to make, which has already been made by someone else, is that it is meaningless to try and categorise people simply by which age group 'bracket' they fall into. People at the opposing ends of the bracket are likely to have very different views from each other! Regards Baz
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