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  1. I'm one step ahead of you I noticed that Espc has subtly changed the site which exposed a PB bug over the weekend; . The good news is that there is a new (release candidate) build available which fixes this, see http://www.property-bee.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=10866&p=14787#p14787 By the way, unless your very precious of your PB data or use PB on daft.ie you probably don't need to do the backup as mentioned in the post I linked to (famous last words, but really it only needs to be done if you use daft.ie)
  2. I've just made available a beta version which (on initial testing) appears to work with espc when you refine the search If anyone has time to try it out and make sure it does what its supposed to... see http://www.property-bee.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=10866&p=14595#p14594 for more info. Cheers BH
  3. No its not just you, see the announcement / intro to the new features; http://www.property-bee.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10842 I thought it would be better to get a version out that is usable on espc (and daft.ie) again, rather than wait a few more weeks (if not more) until I figured how to solve tricker problem of how to deal with the (very nice, I must say) refine search feature on espc. Cheers BH
  4. Was fixed last Tuesday, see http://www.property-bee.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=934&start=15#p3810 Just to reiterate if you have Firefox 3.6 installed, you need property-bee, see http://www.property-bee.com/downloads.php
  5. There is NO virus in any version of the property-bee toolbar. If you want proof you can inspect the interpreted javascript source code which is installed as the add-on, or view the code on sourceforge. I've nothing to hide... so why may these frankly stupid claims? Is business really that bad
  6. Hi, yup I'm still alive! [and thanks to webmaster for the pm] The past few months have been a very difficult time for me for a innumerate number of reasons, and its become clear a one man band in his (very limited and sometimes non existent ) free time (due to non pb stuff) doesn't work all the time. I've opened up the toolbar source code up (via a project on sourceforge) and started a forum on pb so other developers can contribute, and even written some documentation for the bits of source code :-0 At the moment, 4 other developers have signed up (if your here thanks!)... and I hope betw
  7. The donate button may return later in the year when we need to pay the next bill... but before then will could all be wearing tinfoil and eating baked beans This is something that I've considered and rejected at the moment, purely because I spend 50%+ time on "administration" related tasks and the thought of spending more even more time fills me with horror! Having said that the recent donations (thank you all again!) have possibly bought me some time to put in place such a system, in which case any past donations will of course count towards the new charging system if we go in that dire
  8. Sorry, I have to correct you... if you look at the post on property-bee I clearly state what the donations have been up to the end of last month and how those donations has been spent. In return for my 20 hours a week over the past year, I haven't taken a penny of the donations for my efforts. Also I provided a float of £500 when property bee started to help get it running, thats how it could afford pay its bills with a technical debt of £340 at the end of last month! So when I made a donations totaling £25, I was literally spending my money from the float It is an amazing thing and I'
  9. Email should be back up now Just checked the logs for the confirmation email that was set to you.. it failed with "We read pseudo-encoded subject lines as spam" from your domain .. resent it again just now to see if it was a one off or permanent problem. Cheers BH
  10. See my post on property bee. I'll also post there when a new version is available tonight. Cheers BH
  11. You maybe aware that propertynews.com has been trialing a beta site for awhile, and tomorrow it goes live As a precaution, I'm going to disable the bee (the sharing features) for propertynews.com only in a minute (~11:45pm Tuesday 30th) whilst they update their site. Once they are up and running with the new site, I'll release which will support their new site. Hopefully it should go well, and assuming there aren't many changes compared to beta.propertynews.com.. I hope to get the new version of property-bee out tomorrow night (1st Oct) or the following morning. You can follow th
  12. Just had a reminder of the change from Paul. Yes, it will affect property-bee... I'd like to wait until the new PN site goes live in case there are any last minute changes Best option is to PM me when the PN.com site changes over on property-bee.com (you can login to the forums with the username/password you signed up with when installing the toolbar) and I'll roll out a new version, might take a day or two (depending on when the change over is) but it will be supported (*) Cheers BH (*) If anyone likes the service and feels its worth contributing a couple of pounds to help towards the
  13. Your ISP is having problems delivering emails (its reporting service unavailable)... and about 99% of emails not getting through from property-bee are with this ISP :angry: My advice... change to a proper ISP ASAP! I've enabled your account, so you shouldn't get the error now. Cheers BH
  14. Under "Wizards" there's a "Compact the database" option. On first run it may take awhile, but subsequent runs will only take a minute or so. Running the wizard; * removes duplicate data from your database * compacts the database * updates the stats used internally by sqlite Hopefully it will give should give better performance once run. And like any database, it need nurturing occasionally Cheers BH
  15. Yeap, property-bee is being hammered with a property on average every 100mS 24/7 If you are running scripts (and I don't agreed with them ) please put a delay in them.. as you may not be helping and even missing out... as nothing is stored in your database until the icon on the right of the toolbar goes 'out'.. if you move to the next page before then everyone else will see the change but you won't! Or an even better solution, get more people using property-bee in your local area, so tell your friends, family, post it on local forums and you will see the real benefit of working in a bee.
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