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  1. Thomas Hearns

    What's Happening Round Your Way

    Not much happening in the NW. Seems like a very slow market, some houses are sitting for years without any price drops, makes me think that some people aren't serious about moving.
  2. Hopefully they'll get find out, assuming the place they are living in is more expensive than the flat, they will be paying more in interest with the way they set up the mortgages!!!
  3. Exactly, how this can be allowed to continue is beyond me, the crash will come and people like him will finally lose.
  4. Thomas Hearns

    Bank Of America In Record $16.7Bn Mortgage Settlement

    To powerful to prosecute
  5. Thomas Hearns

    When Do You Reckon The Market Will Bottom

    I think the bottom was 2008.... I think it might need a massive crisis of 2008 proportions to see similar prices

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