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  1. A lot of employers are banging on about the 'skills shortage', when really what they mean is there's a shortage of people willing to fill their zero hour contract / minimum wage / drugery-with-no-real-chance-of-improvement type jobs. Governement confers with 'educators' who all agree that sending more youths to university to do some generalised non vocational degree, or just keep them hanging around FE colleges until 19 YO is the answer. Employers demand open imigration to fill the 'skills gap' - and get it. Native youth taken out / kept out of workforce to pile up debt and emerge a few yea
  2. Cheers for the advice, sorry a bit late responding. Took a train up to check it out - looked a bit rough, lots of East Europeans (just like London), but at least it seems like the kind of area where people work. Agree with the comment about Gladstone / Countess Road - it seems to get worse when you cross over the A428 and get into the Northern bit of St James. Also wanted to check out Scots Corner (the bit of St James where the streets all have Scottish names) - the houses seem a bit pricier and a bit better maintained but didn't get a chance to take a proper look at it. Got to say I like t
  3. Lived in Beckenham for about three months a couple of years back - the area seems just OK, a few cafes and poncy shops to balance the general grimness and sky high Pitbull index (the number of people walking around with pitbulls wearing those daft leather studded collar things). But generally OK for London given the good transport links. Also had some allotments with bee keepers, and an OK sports centre / pool. I rented a flat over some shops on one of the main roads near a junction, in the end the noise drove me to the brink of madness so I left. Value wise it didn't seem too bad, though t
  4. Been looking at the St James district near the centre of Northampton, houses are cheap, the quality of the stock looks OK (mostly 2 and 3 bedroom Victorian terrace houses), close to the city centre and railway station. It even has it's own lighthouse / lift tower. While the area looks a bit dreary it doesn't look too bad (not on a sink estate level), however, I've never been there so would appreciate it if anyone has any local info? I'm looking to move out of London with a small family (me, one wife, one baby), so the small cheap terrace's look ideal - nice alternative to buying a flat with t
  5. Hi all, been lurking for a while and decided to take the plunge and get an account. Currently renting a matchbox sized studio flat in London, but priced out due to arrival of a new baby (baby and wife currently residing with parents), looking to move to Milton Keynes or Northampton (buy or rent - still thinking it over) and hope to contribute to the regional boards covering these areas.
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