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  1. I was browsing the thread on Kingston / Surbiton and notice that outrageously expensive 2 bedroom flat. Surely, in the London market, there is a lowest and highest per sqft value for a particular area, according to their pecking order... For instance, Wembley should be cheaper than Brent. Why don't we see more of these measurement, which will allow us to truly see where is really expensive or overpriced. Not saying this is right, but it might in fact show Buckhurst Hill (larger properties) is cheaper than Barking (smaller properties) - may be an over exaggeration?
  2. Thanks CentrinoDuo, I have had a look at Bexley and prices seem reasonable. Don't really know the area though, will do site visit.
  3. Actually the £425k flat was quite nice (but still very very expensive!)
  4. The £425k budget for a 2 bed flat in Walthamstow is barking mad. I thought the one in East Ham isn't too bad, £295k for a 3 bed house...
  5. Hi All, As titled, what is London and where does it end? I used to think London as inside the M25, and now I think inside Zone 6, but there are plenty of places in Zone 6 which are outside of London (not London borough). I think Halifax etc use London borough, but psychologically, where does London end? For instance, would you consider St Albans, Watford or Bromley London? Becs
  6. Thanks, my thought is that if house prices is to go up 2.5% - 3% next year and if we sell now and hold cash, we are not getting any benefits. Perhaps, put it in a good safe investment...however, have to consider renting in the mean time, renting locally would mean close to £15k a year and we lose the flexibility if we see something in October.
  7. Thanks all, can't flat share I'm afraid, have baby number 2 coming. Thanks Elad, we will spend sometime down there, but we have friends around the area who are raving about it.
  8. Seems great value, however if tube is not essential, could you not get something similar in Bromley?
  9. Thanks both, I see what you mean, and with MMR, we have to disclose our train costs, so tickets that are too expensive is out of the question (rather pay mortgage). I guess you are right, if people can afford to live in their own house and not priced out by interest rate or losing a job, they would try and keep it. We have thought about Barking and Dagenham, but I don't think they are particularly good value. By the way, what are your thoughts about price per sq.ft and areas, some areas such as Redhill seems to have very competitive price per sq.ft, comparing to less desirable places in East L
  10. Thanks for the reply, that's what we are thinking about, however no one is 100% right and I would not want to be holding cash whilst house prices shoots up and not being able to go back on the ladder. The problem is space is really not enough where we are and we need extra space as baby no. 2 is coming very soon.
  11. We are actually prepared to look around Surrey, Kent, Berkshire, Hertfordshire. We have been living in Harrow for a while and that's why we looked locally. Transport is not a huge issue as zone 4, 5 and 6 per year is not a massive different and if life quality would be better I am happy to look further. I sense worries re. Surrey, any reason I shouldn't be looking?
  12. Thanks for the replies. Employment seems strong (or am I being misled) and perhaps London would always attract people? I see the point re. long term living and that is the plan, that's why we wanted to move out of London to get more space, but do not want to lose all our money in places where house prices fall even now.
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