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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-38564137 I clicked on this article expecting some amazing rags to riches storys of people who have generated wealth for themselves by 25, and OWN a home. Instead I was confronted by smug looking numpties who are being held up as successful for landing themselves a stonking great mortgage....
  2. 15 years ago around me. When I look at the house 4 bed detached house I could've bought for less than the price a 2 bed terrace goes for now, I'm sick in my mouth. Should've got a mortgage at 18, going to count as the biggest financial mistake of my life.
  3. I would assume once you've paid it back, on leaving one property you'd get your deposit returned. That's assuming the landlord doesn't screw you for new carpets, painting etc
  4. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/apr/10/help-to-rent-scheme-for-young-people-proposed-by-liberal-democrats “They simply can’t find the up front costs to move into rented accommodation, so move back or stay with their own parents. That’s obviously unfair on them, because it means they’re just not getting their feet on the rung of the rented property ladder.” What the hell is the "rented property ladder"?!
  5. I'm at a lose to what people think is wrong with Farages view on HIV treatment. According to Wikipedia 33million people worldwide are infected with HIV, are those applauding Leanne woods comment suggesting we should pay for all their treatment? Or just those who some how end up in Britain?
  6. Amazingly/worryingly they seem to have sold quite a few of these https://houseprices.io/bs37-4ff Considering £275k would get you a 3 bed detached in a "nice" part of Yate, I can't see how anyone thinks these are a good buy.
  7. Demand in Yate is very strong at the moment. Limited number of decent houses being chased by a group of potential buyers. We went to a open house at a detached property off of st Johns way, which apparently had around 30 viewings booked in. I also know of a house in the counties which had 4 offers over asking price. I can't see that this is the result of a 6 screen cinema and half a dozen chain restaurants being built. It's just that if you want to live in a nice cul de sac near a good school, so many of the houses are occupied by people that haven't moved since they bought them in the 70s/80s, that when one does come up for sale it's in high demand. Conversely, if your happy to live in a road that has 1 bed flats next to your 4 bed home, there's no parking, and gardens are tiny, there's probably 10 houses for sale in Normandy drive.
  8. The same pensioners with 10's & 100's of thousands of unearned equity in there homes. My heart bleeds.
  9. Your interpretation of the data is slightly wrong. For E17 Oct '14 properties on the market = 940 Sales = 108 However new to market in Oct '14 = 247 It'd be more accurate to compare the sales In a month to the 'new to market' figure, but even then you should allow for a delay as the sales one month will be the houses that came to market 3-9months previous. 108/247 = 0.437 So it'd be more accurate to claim in Oct '14 43% of houses sold.
  10. This came up for sale today.....http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-50664374.html I nearly rang them up to query the price, but that'd involve talking to an EA. I was shocked at the price. This sold a few weeks ago for the asking price...........http://www.expertagent.co.uk/in4glestates/%7B042fc46e-c4ab-441f-bc77-345183864693%7D/%7B05352497-97d2-4392-af41-cd4831a5992f%7D/external.pdf That one had a bigger plot, and was recently refurbished. What really got me angry was the "backing on to open fields" whilst correct today, the field has permission to be built on, and phase one has already started.....https://consultations.southglos.gov.uk/gf2.ti/-/202818/653197.jpg/jpg/-/Core%20Strategy%20Fig%2012.jpg
  11. Will mortgage companies even allow you to use a 'loan' from Bomad? I'd have thought the mortgage company would want it in writing from them that it was a gift.
  12. Just seen this thread on mse http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5173641 "Bought house for 137,500 now only worth 127,500" "15k deposit was put down. The buy to let mortgage runs out next year so does this mean we will then have to sell and loose most of our deposit? Sorry for being thick. My husband deals with all this but is super stressed with work and I am just at work wondering and don't want to bother him." How/why do people this stupid think farming other people is a good idea?
  13. Aren't gardens going to be a thing from the past? Most new builds I see have a garden of around 20sqm, it doesn't seem to matter if it's a 2 bed or a 4 bed three storey townhouse that's all you get. Unless you can afford a 4 bed 'executive' property the gardens on most new build would be too small for a game of swing-ball!
  14. How can he simultaneously "leverage their income to the maximum to build a buy-to-let empire" and also "Michael can give up his job as a postman"?
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